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Anime Tourism Association Opens Online Survey for Noteworthy Pilgrimage Sites for 2022

Yearly survey was skipped last year due to COVID-19

The Anime Tourism Association opened its annual online survey on Saturday for its list of noteworthy anime pilgrimage sites. Popular user-submitted entries will be taken into consideration for the final list. This year marks the fourth time voting has taken place; it was skipped in 2020 due to concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The survey will be online until September 30, and will be available in Japanese, English, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). The chosen titles will be announced in mid-December.

Voting participants will enter a draw to win prizes, listed as follows:

  • 1st prize (1 winner): Electronic money worth 30,000 yen and supplementary prize
  • 2nd prize (3 winners): Electronic money worth 10,000 yen and supplementary prize
  • 3rd prize (10 winners): 50 US dollars worth of Tokyo Otaku Mode gift points, or a 50 US dollar Gift Card

Winners of the 1st and 2nd prizes are required to provide the Association with photos and reports of their visit to the anime spots they voted for as a condition for receiving the prize. The submitted photos and reports may be posted on the Association’s website and publications.

The 88 anime pilgrimage concept is modeled on Shikoku’s 88 Temple Pilgrimage, Japan’s most famous Buddhist pilgrimage route. The Anime Tourism Association was founded in 2016 as a partnership between Kadokawa and various tourism and travel companies. Their aim is to attract tourists, from Japan as well as foreign countries, and bolster regional revitalization projects throughout Japan.

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