Anti-Hero Generations’ 1-Shot Anime To Release In May

Anti-Hero Generations

In the manga, giant kaiju attacks are a regular part of everyday life in Japan, and Heroes are employed by Mikage Manufacturing company to protect the country. The protagonist of the story is Kaneko, a die-hard hero fan seeking employment with Mikage. However, she learns that Mikage has been creating kaiju artificially and sending them out to battle heroes. Here, we will learn about Anti-Hero Generations’ 1-Shot anime that is set to release in May. So keep reading!!

It accepted submissions for its first New Generation YouTube Manga Award between August 26 and November 15 in 2020, and it accepted scripts and videos as well as manga and storyboards. For its second New Generation YouTube Manga Award in 2019, it accepted scripts and videos as well as manga and storyboards. In April 2020, digital animator Ryo-Timo became a creative adviser to Plott, a company known for producing web anime shorts like Teikō Penguin.

Anti-Hero Generations’ 1-Shot Anime To Release In May

An anime adaptation of Keita Uehara’s “Anti-Hero Generations” manga will premiere on Plott’s YouTube channel on May 2 from the YouTube anime production and distribution company Plott. KOTORI performs the anime’s theme song, “Tokyo Night Dive.”

Last year, Plott’s first “New Generation YouTube Manga Award” was awarded to “Anti-Hero Generations,” which gained the anime adaptation. In addition to the cash prize, Uehara received Plott goods and 1 million yen (about US$9,500).

Keita Uehara’s Message To Readers

He believed that his original manga work, which was at the level of a doodle, couldn’t be turned into such beautiful visual work. He would like to express his sincere gratitude to all the people who made the project a reality and to the voice actors who made the whole process possible.

For about eight years before starting to write manga, he worked for an advertising agency. He has put into his work the conflicts he felt and the answers he has found over the past eight years that he cannot comprehend. Especially for those who are feeling insecure about their careers or unable to deal with their work well, he hopes you will see this work. Also, please give attention to the great theme song by KOTORI, which perfectly synchronizes with the views presented in work!

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