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Anything For Jackson: Jack’s Fate and Ending Explained (Article ready)

Anything for Jackson

Anything for Jackson is a Shudder exclusive film directed by Justin G Dyck, starring Sheila McCarthy, Josh Cruddas, Julian Richings, and Konstantina Mantelos. The movie tells the story of an elderly couple who abducts a young pregnant woman to perform ‘Reverse exorcism’ putting their grandson’s essence inside her unborn child. It was released on 1  September 2020. The film received positive reviews from critics, and another factor that stands out is that its main characters are old, not like the typical protagonist in horror movies. The ending of the paranormal movie leaves several questions about the family. It’s all about the couple who wants to bring back their grandson to life. Will they able to do that? And what happens to Shannon, the young lady whom they abduct? And what about her unborn child.

The answers to all those questions are there in the article. In the article, Firstly, we will talk about the movie Anything for Jackson and its plot and summary. Thereafter, I will answer all those questions. Anything for Jackson continuously manages to remain just entertainingly unpredictable as it goes on. Moreover, the movie is just groundbreaking, the scenes are amazing, with twisted psychology and great performance by the actor. It’s worth watching. The cast is great as Julian Richings played the role of Henry Walsh and Sheila McCarthy as Audrey Walsh. The role of Shannon Becker was beautifully portrayed by Konstantina Mentelos. Let just dive into Anything for Jackson, and tell you all that you wanna know.

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Anything for Jackson: Plot

Anything for Jackson is the horror-thriller revolved around the life of an elderly couple Audrey and her husband Henry, who lost their grandson Jackson in a car accident. Depressed from his death it’s become very difficult for them to cope up with the situation. Henry being very religious, believes that he can bring back their grandson, by Satanic. According to satanic practice, a pregnant woman’s fetus can open the door for spirits to enter the world.

They kidnapped a young pregnant woman Shannon to perform ‘reverse exorcism’ on her unborn baby. But as Shannon enters the house, some sudden and aghast things started. It seems like a demon enters Jackson’s body and everything was messed up. The series of giggling insidious style spirits invading their house. However, realising the fact that the couple alone can’t deal with the devil, The Walsh’s enlists Ian Josh, who is just a weird Satanist.  Ian tries to help them and explain to them that the ritual is only halfway done.

The ending of the movie is about whether they will bring back Jackson to life or the ritual will fail.  The answers to all the questions are there in the article.

The trailer of Anything for Jackson.

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Anything for Jackson: Ending Explained

Anything for Jackson leads to quite an ambiguous ending, many things are hanging in the air. As the ritual completes, the devil takes residence in Audrey’s body, as a vessel for the spirit could be anyone. During the ritual, Shannon starts resisting the process but it was too late Ian already stabs Audrey. The devil enters the body of Henry as Audrey dead and finally, the ritual is completed.  But the spirit reappears and frightens Shannon. However, Ian frees her and she leaves the house in the detective’s car. As she moves away from the house, she was stopped by the devil, ahead crossing the road. She stopped and put the hand on her stomach, making it clear her baby is still alive.

The director left the ending ambiguous, letting the audience decide and interpret the conclusion of the movie. It’s very interesting to watch the director of most of the Christmas movies is capable of directing such a horror series. It’s terrific, totally loved it. Anything for Jackson is a solid movie with some great performances.

Anything for Jackson

Audrey and her husband Henry performing the rituals to bring back their grandson.

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