Ao Ashi Episode 9 Release Date: A Broader Soccer

Ashito finally gets it that he still has lots of lacking, and Ao Ashi Episode 9 will be the next step for Ashito to either learn what he lacks or remain where he is right now. We all have a habit of thinking that once we are a part of something, everything will go smoothly. But, later on, when reality smacks us right in the face, that’s when we realize how tough life is. The same thing happened to Ashito after he joined the academy.

Having passion and willpower is great. But, basic knowledge and skills are also necessary. With a huge dream of becoming a pro, Ashito is here struggling every day to find his way towards his goal. Will he be able to become a pro? That’s for the future. But, for now, we are eager to know what happens next in Ao Ashi Episode 9.

Ashito is at a point where he has already set his foot towards his goal, away from his hometown, away from his family. Now, there’s no turning back now! Well, Ashito is not planning to turn back either. But, to make it to the top, he needs to find what he’s lacking soon. And to know what happens next in the upcoming Episode 9 of Ao Ashi, we need to find out when is it going to get released too. So, without wasting any further seconds, let’s get right into it.

What Happened So Far? Episode 8 “Night Training” – Recap

In his first youth match, after scoring one goal, Ashito stopped getting passes. Not because of jealousy but because of his incapability to keep the ball to himself. During the game, Ashito realizes that he cannot understand his own team’s play. Because all this time, he has been playing with his own instinct and not with proper knowledge. The reason why Nozomi sensei was confident that Ashito wouldn’t make it to the pros is that he noticed it way early that Ashito lacked basic knowledge and skills.

All other players have been playing for years, practicing the basic skills. How is Ashito supposed to sharpen his basic skills in a short amount of time? After the match, Nagisa also gave him a harsh reality check. But, the reason Hana is confident about Ashito is that she knows that he’ll never give up on his dreams.

ao ashi episode 9
The Harsh Reality Check By Nagisa

Watching him practice every night alone, his mates Eisaku Ohtomo and Soichirou Tachibana also started practicing with him to help him practice the basic skills. But, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t execute the “Kill it, then Kick it”, Nozomi sensei told him to do. One night he just felt he was dragging Eisaku and Soichirou down, so he decided to go practice alone. But, watching him desperately trying to be better, Keiji Togashi, Ashito’s roommate, decided to help him out.

ao ashi episode 9ao ashi episode 9
Ashito’s Resolve!

What To Expect In Ao Ashi Episode 9?

Ashito realized this much that he couldn’t win this alone. This game “Soccer” demands teamwork. Now that he is in the corner, he’s trying his best to get out from the corner he’s trapped in. And now, Keiji, who seemed like a self-obsessed guy, is willing to help Ashito out. But will he help Ashito out? Keiji might seem like a selfish guy, but we should not judge a book by its cover, right? Who knows if he ends up helping Ashito out. We know this much for sure, Ashito will not give up. We have this much confidence in his confidence.

ao ashi episode 9ao ashi episode 9
Will Keiji Help Ashito Out?

They are roommates already. Who knows, they end up becoming close friends after getting to know each other. What if, what Ashito couldn’t understand in these many nights, Keiji might be able to teach him in one night? We’ll know everything for sure in the upcoming Episode 9 of Ao Ashi.

Ao Ashi Episode 9: Release Date And Time

Ao Ashi Episode 9 will release on Saturday, 4 June 2022. Let’s talk about the timing now. The Japanese fans will get to watch Episode 9 of Ao Ashi at 18:25 hrs Japanese Standard time (JST). The US fans will get this episode at 02:25 hrs Pacific Time (PT)/ 04:25 hrs Central Time (CT)/ 05:25 hrs Eastern Time (ET). And, for the Indian fans, the 9th Episode of Ao Ashi will be available at 14:55 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST).

Episode 9 – Release Date And Time

And the same episodes will get rebroadcasted on the Japanese Local Television Network, NHK E-Tele, next Thursday at 19:20 hrs (JST).

Watch Ao Ashi Episode 9 Online – Streaming Details

All the latest episodes of Ao Ashi will be first broadcasted on the Japanese Local Television Network, NHK E-Tele, every Saturday, and the same will be rebroadcasted every Thursday. These new episodes will soon be available globally on different online platforms. And, you can easily watch the previous and the latest episodes of Ao Ashi on Crunchyroll.

ao ashi episode 9ao ashi episode 9
Where To Watch “Ao Ashi” Online?

We hope we were able to help you get the answers you were looking for. Let us know which anime or manga you want us to cover next. And, for more future updates from “Ao Ashi”, stay in touch with OtakuKart.

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