Apex Legends Season 10: What To Expect? (Article Ready)

Apex Legends season 10 launched recently on August 3, 2021. Like every other update, this season also introduced new characters, skins, and weapons for the players. There were even major changes in the map of the game. The new character, Seer, has got the players very excited. Players also get to use a new weapon, Rampage LMG. Even some of the map locations have been degraded and introduced as new places. But now that season 10 Battle Pass has begun, players are interested to see what season 11 holds for them. For that, we’ll have to see the current update to its end. In the parts below, we will talk about everything that the current season includes. We will also take a look at the changes brought into the gameplay.

Apex Legends is developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is a free-to-play battle royale-hero shooting game. The game was first made available to play on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019. A mobile version of the game will soon be available to play by 2022. The making of Apex Legends started in 2016 before Titanfall 2 was released. And all the playable characters in this game are based on characters from Titanfall. Apex gained massive popularity because of its immersive maps and strategic gameplay. The game has now amassed over 100 million players.

New weapon

New weapon: Rampage LMG (Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Gameplay

Apex Legends is what you would expect from any battle royale game. But what sets it apart is the unique features of the playable characters. As of season 10, there are 18 such characters or Legends to choose from. Many of these Legends are based on characters from Titanfall. In the matches, 20 teams of 3 member squads compete against each other. Players can team up with friends or random group up with others on the server. Each team has a jumpmaster who chooses where to land from the aircraft. Although, a player can deviate from the squad path. Of the characters to choose before the game, no member of a squad can pick the same more than once. This brings in the need to calculate the strengths of each character and making the team likewise. The players then fight inside a closing in map.

Apex Legends Season 10Apex Legends Season 10

Scenes from the game (Respawn Entertainment)

Players who fall out of the safe zone in the map constantly lose health and eventually get killed. The ones inside the map may get knocked out, but they can be revived by teammates. However, once they are completely killed, there is no way to bringing them back. Season 9 introduced the new permanent mode Arena. It is a kind of deathmatch where two squads of 3 members each face off against each other. A team needs a minimum of 3 points to win the match and should be at least 2 points in the lead. Apex also takes inspiration from the unique character abilities in Titanfall. Characters here can jump over walls, slide down and use zip lines to move around faster.


A Still From the Gameplay (Source: YouTube)

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What Did Apex Season 10 Include?

Apex Legends season 10 dropped on August 3, 2021. The battle pass for this season is named Emergence. And as was expected, a new character got introduced this time. The new Legend is named Seer. His passive ability, Heart Seeker, can detect the heartbeats of nearby enemies and track them down for aiming. He can also summon microdrones to reveal enemies through walls and also restrict them. Seer also got his own Heartthrob character skin. A new weapon named Rampage LMG is also introduced into the game. Ranked Arenas are also brought in, which will decide the player’s Match Making Rank.

Three locations on the World’s Edge map have been devasted due to over mining. Now they are replaced by new names and locations. The battle pass this time also includes 100 tiers. This battle pass costs 950 Apex Coins, and the bundle comes at 2800 Apex Coins. Apex Coins can be bought using real-time currency as well. Respawn released the patch notes, which include details of everything to expect from the game.

Apex Legends Season 10Apex Legends Season 10

New character: Seer (Respawn Entertainment)

When Is Apex Season 10 Ending?

The usual duration of an Apex Legends battle pass spans up to 13 weeks. Looking at how Emergence dropped on August 3, the current season might end around November 1, 2021, or November 2, 2021. After the end of Emergence, season 11 should be expected to arrive soon anytime. It will hopefully introduce more characters and weapons to play with.

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