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Home » Ascendent Animation Announces Full Voice Cast and Crew for English Dub of The Titan’s Bride

Ascendent Animation Announces Full Voice Cast and Crew for English Dub of The Titan’s Bride

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LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 2021 – Ascendent Animation is proud to announce, “The Titan’s Bride” Full Voice Cast & Crew list.

Following their promise to be inclusive and diverse in casting, Ascendent Animation announces their full cast & crew below:

Koichi Mizuki Edward A. Mendoza
Caius Lao Bistail Kiba Walker
Medina Nall Rosas Angela Tran
Baro Barrows Kdin Jenzen
Beri Berinal Patrick M. Seymour
Kyouko Brittany Lauda
Oracle Steve Warky Nunez
Mistress Lisa Ortiz
Koichi’s Uncle Cole Feuchter
Young Baro Kai Jordan
Baro’s Mother Marissa Lenti
Koichi’s Mom Kristen McGuire
Male Basketball Player 1A Carlton Mercer
Male Basketball Player 1B Darrel Delfin
Male Basketball Player 1C Chris Pavon
Male Basketball Rival 1A Dominique Dinh
Male Basketball Rival 1B Cole Feuchter
Male Basketball Rival 1C Shane Elterman
Male Basketball Rival 1D Nevan Scheluter
Male Basketball Rival 1E Cyrus Rodas
Female Manager 1A Michaela Laws
Benched Player 1A Ryan Do
Benched Player 1B Bryson Baugus
Benched Player 1C Steve Warky Nunez
Benched Player 1D Kiba Walker
Male Titan 3A Cyrus Rodas
Female Titan 3A Danielle McRae
Male Titan Attendant 4A Cory Phillips
Male Titan 4A Kai Jordan
Male Titan 4B Darrel Delfin
Male Titan 4C Ryan Do
Male Titan 4D Steve Warky Nunez
Female Titan 4A Maddie Matsumoto
Female Titan 4B Tiana Camacho
Beast Child 5A Morgan Berry
Beast Child 5B Marissa Lenti
Beast Child 5C Brittany Lauda
Beastman 7A Kevin Couto
Beastman 7B Sean Chiplock
Beastman 7C Reece Bridger
Beastman 7D Ryan Hoyle
Beastman 7E Ryan Do
Beastman 7F Steve Warky Nunez
Beastman 7G Nevan Scheluter
Beastman 7H Elwin G. Williams III
Additional Voices Steven Aries, Brandon Green, Darrel Guilbeau, Venus Carey, Paul Davey, Erin Hamilton, John Henry, Elsie Lovelock, Danny Miller, Brian Rollins, Sean Tay, Shane Tay, Jonathan Virella, Lisle Wilkerson, Molly Zhang
Executive Producer K. Cornell Kellum
ADR Director Kiba Walker
ADR Scriptwriter Kiba Walker
Assist. ADR Scriptwriter Cole Feuchter
Translation Cole Feuchter
ADR Engineering Steve Warky Nunez
ADR Mixing Steve Warky Nunez
Acquisitions Cole Feuchter
Talent Sourcing Azrion Productions
Additional Talent Sourcing Michaela Laws

The Titan’s Bride is being dubbed in partnership with parent company Coolmic, WWWaveCorp, and Suiseisha Inc. The show is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the artist ITKZ. Originally serialized in the web manga magazine Screamo in 2020, it has continued its popularity in volumes crafted by Suiseisha, with digital distribution through Coolmic. The show follows Koichi Mizuki, a human student, and Caius Lao Bistail, a giant prince who summons Koichi to his world to become his bride.

Genre: Romance/BL/Fantasy
Episodes: 9
Opening & Ending Theme: “The One Who Cried Love in the Center of the World”. It is performed by Caius (Original CV. Yuki Ono) and Koichi Mizuki (Original CV. Kento Itō)”
© ITKZ/Suiseisha Inc.
©Ascendent Animation 2021. All Rights Reserved.

ABOUT ASCENDENT ANIMATION: Ascendent Animation is a newly formed dubbing studio bringing you anime and original programming to different platforms. You can follow Ascendent Animation for updates and news at:


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