Attack On Titan Announcements In Anime Japan 2022

Attack on Titan Anime Japan 2022 announcement
Anime Japan 2022, RED Stage

While the Attack on Titan Manga may have ended almost a year ago, it is still breaking records. The finale of the Attack on Titan anime is coming next week. On top of that, there were three major announcements of Attack on Titan made on Anime Japan 2022.

Were they about the possibility of the Attack on Titan movie or Final Season Part 3? Unfortunately, none of them have specified what would occur following the Final Season Part 2 finale next week. So, let’s take a look at what did happen at the event.

Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2 Blu-ray & DVD Release Dates Announced

One of the major announcements which happened during the event was about the release dates of Blu-ray and DVD of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2. Volume 1 of the Final Season Part 2 will be released on July 20, followed by Volume 2 on August 17. While this may not seem like a major deal to some of the viewers, many fans are excited to see the Blu-ray and DVD versions of the anime. One of the reasons is, the details and animation that come with these releases are fascinating. They are the upgraded version of the series.

Attack on Titan Final Season part 2Attack on Titan Final Season part 2
Attack on Titan Final Season part 2 Blu-ray and DVD release date

For instance, there were many criticisms regarding the CGI and anime style for Part 1 of the Final Season. The changes in Blu-ray came with a good response, and they gave the anime its own unique style. One of these was the transformation of Eren’s pallid eyes, which many anime fans questioned, into dazzling green eyes when he was in his Titan form. The Thunderspears’ flames have also been modified from yellow to blue to better match the coloring of the ice burst stone. With the animation and anime-style already looking great this season, the Blu-ray and DVD will have their own impact on the viewers.

Attack On Titan OADs On Blu-ray Release Date

The Event announced the Blu-ray release of the OADs archive of eight episodes. These eight episodes will be released on Blu-ray on April 27, 2022. All these ODAs were part of WIT studio’s work. Fans never had any complaints regarding the animation or other work when it came to WIT studio. In fact, the studio was praised for its dazzling and beautiful work of art. It’ll be interesting to see whether there are any differences between the anime and the Blu-Ray version.

Attack on Titan ODA announcementAttack on Titan ODA announcement
Attack on Titan ODA Blu-ray release date announcement

The OADs will include the 8 OVAs. The first is OVA 3.25: Ilse’s Notebook. This OVA was informative back when we did not know anything about the Titans. This OVA goes into more detail about the Titans. It’s interesting to watch. The second two OVAs, No regrets part 1 and part 2, are two episodes about the action-filled Levi. This OVA shows how he met Erwin and the character’s motivation.

Attack on Titan OVAs posters

Lost Girls: Wall Sina, Goodbye Part 1, and Part 2 are the OVAs that describe Annie’s investigation of a missing person and a bit about her backstory. Lost Girls: Lost in the Cruel World is a one-episode OVA where Mikasa imagines an alternate life. The Sudden Visitor OVA is a fun and comedy episode that leads Jean to visit his mother. This OVA depicts what occurs after Christa is kidnapped during a training exercise, forcing the squad to learn to work together. The “Distress” OVA depicts what occurs after Christa is kidnapped during a training exercise, forcing the squad to learn to work together.

Although, the OVAs are already available to stream online on Crunchyroll.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Final Episode Release Date Announcement

Well, with the final Episode not coming this week, fans already knew about this. The Panel also confirmed the release date of the 87th episode. The Final Episode will air on April 3. The title of the episode will be “Dawn of Humanity”. The title is the same as the 130th Chapter of the Attack on Titan Manga.

Final EpisodeFinal Episode
Final Episode release date

The unfortunate thing about the event was that it did not announce anything about what will happen after the final Episode. Manga readers and almost all the fans know that the anime’s story won’t come to an end since the climax is so far from the beginning because “The Rumbling has only bagan”. If we compare to the manga sources, there are still nine chapters left after the anime covers the latest chapter. Will the rest of the chapters be converted into a movie? Or a Final Season Part 3?

The thing which is making fans go dizzy is what will happen after the Final Episode? Unfortunately, we will have to wait for a few more days.

The Voice Actors Shared Their Experiences

Besides the announcement of Attack on Titan Final season, the voice actors shared their experiences and emotional moments. Below is the video of the Anime Japan 2022, Attack on Tian event.

Also, after the last Episode of the Attack on Titan and amazing Mikasa action scene, the character is trending.

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