Avengers Worst Realities Of Teaming Up

Split image: The Avengers charge into battle, and Iron Man strikes Captain America's shield.

The Avengers are a hugely iconic superhero team, having captivated comics readers since 1963. Many readers have dreamed about working with this group, who have led some fierce battles against many deadly threats. With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in theaters, Marvel fans are debating whether working with the Avengers would be a good or bad thing.

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Although assisting the Avengers may seem like enormous fun, it might not be as brilliant as some would think. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are far from perfect, and their flaws would make being associated with them notoriously difficult. There are many harsh realities to working alongside the Avengers, which may put off even the most diehard fanatics.



10 Secrecy

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The Avengers’ heroic deeds see them engage in various fights, against some of the most nefarious villains. While their noble actions are performed in public, they also engage in various other acts that the world population knows nothing about. This can make joining forces with the Avengers very difficult, as their allies often know very little about what the team’s main members are up to.

Avengers heroes including Iron Man and Doctor Strange have joined a few secret societies, such as the Illuminati and the Midnight Sons. The team has also allied themselves with S.H.I.E.L.D., who conduct their spy activities in utmost secrecy. The Avengers’ tendency to keep some of their actions under wraps can make them hard to trust.

9 The Avengers Fight Each Other

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The Avengers have not always been best buddies. On some occasions, they have been known to brutally murder one another, due to their strong disagreements. The Avengers’ surprising willingness to take the life of one of their own teammates forces their allies to work extremely hard to keep the team on the same page.

A most notorious example of an Avengers member murdering one of their own comes in Civil War II, an Avengers comic that many believe went nowhere. This controversial comic sees Captain Marvel savagely end Iron Man’s life, over their disagreement regarding the Inhuman Ulysses. It’s a deeply unlikeable moment from Carol Danvers that highlights exactly why working with the Avengers could become especially awkward.

8 Avengers Are Always In Danger

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The Avengers’ responsibilities involve the group defending the universe from several scheming villains. Some of these evil antagonists are among some of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics. Anyone who opts to work with the Avengers must, therefore, be prepared to place their life on the line.

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The Avengers have fought unstoppable sorcerers and indomitable extra-terrestrial beings. The likes of Thanos, Loki, and the Skrulls have troubled this super-group and caused several deaths in the process. Associating with the Avengers means accepting the dangers that come with it.

7 Tony Stark’s Actions

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Among the most iconic Avengers members is Tony Stark. Despite Iron Man’s valiant efforts to defend the Earth, he could prove tiresome to those working for the Avengers team.

Tony Stark has proven to be a liability many times throughout Marvel comics. His deeply problematic alcoholism has seen him commit a few reckless acts, causing immeasurable damage by flying his armor while drunk. Tony has also been known to show utter contempt towards his employees, with their poor treatment leading to the rise of various supervillains. Iron Man could potentially make working for the Avengers a miserable experience.

6 Lack Of Resources

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From the outside, it may seem as though the Avengers hold everything they need to keep the world safe. However, the team is hopelessly understaffed. Any hero choosing to operate alongside the Avengers would find a serious staffing problem, which has caused a few problems for the Marvel Universe.

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The Avengers usually only have one team assembled at one time, meaning that if they are off-world the Earth is often left unprotected. Most notably, the heroic ensemble left the planet behind to fight in the Builders’ apocalyptic war, which allowed Thanos to invade Earth unchallenged. This severe lack of resources would create an extremely stressful workplace environment.

5 Iron Man And Captain America

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Iron Man and Captain America often seem the best of friends. The dynamic pair have teamed up several times for their world-saving endeavors, but despite this friendship, their egos have also seen them come to blows. As two big personalities, working for the Avengers would require keeping the pair in check.

Most famously, Iron Man and Captain America fought over their conflicting ideals on the Sokovian Accords, in Civil War – a Marvel Event comic many believe changed Iron Man for the worst. Whereas Captain America believes heroes should operate outside the government, Iron Man thinks their actions should be regulated by a higher authority, and their struggles to find a middle ground could make working for the Avengers especially awkward.

4 Government Regulations

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Despite Captain America preferring to take a more free-spirited approach to vigilantism, the U.S. government often holds a heavy influence over the Avengers’ operations. While this can help to maintain control over the Avengers’ frequently intense missions, sometimes it can prove a hindrance.

The government’s involvement in the Avengers’ undertakings can mean a lot of red tape to follow, with legislations such as the Sokovia Accords introduced to keep the public safe. Additionally, the Avengers have often allied themselves with S.H.I.E.L.D., whose top-secret operations are performed on behalf of the U.S. government. This can make working for the team insanely difficult to navigate, with political figures keeping a close eye on the Avengers’ actions.

3 Avengers Protect Scarlet Witch

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One of the most popular Avengers is the Scarlet Witch, who has appeared in some of the best Marvel comics. Although Wanda Maximoff has generated a huge fanbase, she has committed various morally ambiguous acts across her comics appearances. The Avengers seem surprisingly unfazed by her unreliable nature, seeking to protect Wanda rather than punish her for her crimes.

The Avengers’ protection of Wanda is extremely questionable, with the Scarlet Witch having killed various Avengers and X-Men members in the comics run. Their easily forgiving nature raises a few ethical concerns, which could make working for the Avengers a rather uneasy experience.

2 The Avengers’ Collateral Damage

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The Avengers are greatly admired by the citizens they protect, with their noble endeavors stopping several catastrophic events. Although the team does plenty of good for the Marvel Comics world, their well-meaning actions can have severe consequences. Fighting megalomaniacs can unfortunately result in a lot of collateral damage, and those who work for the Avengers are left to clean up the mess.

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Among the biggest culprits for causing much destruction is the Incredible Hulk. Bruce Banner has often struggled with controlling the green beast, with Hulk’s fury having brought down several buildings. This disastrous behavior would create some especially bad PR for the Avengers and could result in a stressful working environment, as the group faces some loud criticism for the mess they have left behind.

1 Discrimination Against Mutants

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Despite appearing kind-hearted, the Avengers are not always as lovely as they try to appear. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may have stopped some of Marvel Comics’ most powerful baddies, but they have also demonstrated a rather disappointing disdain for the mutants.

Not only do the Avengers fail to act whenever the government sends Sentinels to hunt the X-Men down, but they also purposefully target this marginalized community whenever they do something they dislike. In Avengers vs. X-Men,Captain America orders the Avengers to apprehend Hope, despite Hope’s greatest crime being her mutant status. This shocking discrimination is made worse by how Hope had previously assisted the Avengers against the Phoenix Force and shows the team to be a toxic working environment.

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