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Bad Buddy Episode 9- Hold My Hand Till The End

Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy Episode 9′ will be an emotional rollercoaster ride for the fans. Pran and Pat, despite knowing the consequences start with their long-awaited relationship journey. However, especially for Pran, a tension lurks at the back of his mind that what will happen if anyone finds out? His mother previously cleared it that it doesn’t matter to her who Pran is dating, just it can’t be the children next door. Meanwhile, among all of this, a triangle seems to be happening. Though fans are a bit more excited to see the chemistry between Pa and Ink, the triangle between Wai, Pa and Ink interest them no less. Will Wai continue to feel for Pa despite knowing that she is the sister of a member of the rival team? 

Also Pat is doing the play just for the sake of Pran. If anyhow his family gets to know about it? Especially his father as he has a lot of expectations from Pat that he will play Rugby well. 

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When Will Bad Buddy Episode 9 Release?

Bad Buddy Episode 9 will release on 24th December 2021. The BL drama is hitting the chords with the audience in all the right ways. The best part is, it’s practical and realistic. The transition is shown, that is from being frenemies to lovers is just beautiful. It’s patiently and the journey till now is just worth a watch. 

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How To Watch Bad Buddy Episode 9? Streaming Details

The Thai drama will go on air on its original network GMM 25 Tencent Video. For the international audience, the drama is available on the Youtube channel of GMMTV. There are a total of 12 episodes that get released once a week, Friday with a duration of 45 minutes. Nanon Korapat Kirdpan and Ohm Pawat Chittsawangdee as Pran and Pat are just splendid. Their onscreen chemistry is on point which goes without saying however, their offscreen bonding is also something to talk about. Their goofy sides make their characters even more lively and that’s why so many people resonate with Pran and Pat so much.

Bad Buddy Episode 8 Recap – Spoiler Alert

Pran and Pat enjoy their small moments with each other, resting all of their dilemmas and thoughts for a while. Pa on the other hand maybe senses that something may have been going on between them, given the fact that they are behaving better with each other. 

A Still From The Series

Now, what the entire Bad Buddy fandom anticipated finally came true as Ink started feeling something for Pa. Maybe at this moment, this is just a small likeness that’s growing, however, who knows if it turns into love. We will have to wait for that day. 

Wai gets to know from Pran that the girl he’s been crushing on is none other than Pat’s sister. Pat’s father on the other hand somehow gets to know about him doing a play and missing his sports practice. That night Pran gave Pat one of his shirts so that he can feel that someone is there with whom he can share his bad days. 

Meanwhile, the secret is on the verge of getting out as someone recognized that it was Pran in Pat’s social media story. Things get into an argument however, Pat and Pran being themselves, sit and sort it out.

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Upcoming Storyline Of Bad Buddy Episode 9

Here’s the news, the moment we, Pran, and Pat collectively feared the most came true as everyone in the rehearsal hall witness them together including Wai. Talk about bad timing. In the upcoming episodes, both the departments get to know about their relationship, which causes a tense situation.

Bad Buddy
A Still From The Series

Their friends are also not talking to them. Will both of them give up on the pressure or will fight against all odds. Not to forget, their friends are reacting like this, what will happen when their family will listen to this news? That will be one story to tell. Till then do watch the other episodes of Bad Buddy.

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