January 29, 2022

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Bandai Namco Arts COncludes a License Agreement with Tracklib

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Must see for music creators! Music from Lantis becomes available for sampling!

Bandai Namco Arts Inc., an operator of the music label, Lantis, concluded a license agreement with Tracklib, a Swedish music sampling platform. The agreement will allow legal sampling available through this service.

Sampling is a process of creating a new song by reusing a portion of a sound source from an existing song. Because of the difficulty in obtaining clearance from the copyright holders of the song and of the master recording, there have been many cases of unauthorized sampling, making it difficult for both creators and copyright owners to produce revenue.

Use of Tracklib enables even an individual user to readily obtain permission for music sampling and to produce revenue.
If a subscriber wishes to use their new song created using samples for commercial purposes, they can release it worldwide through music streaming services, etc. by making an application on the Tracklib service website and registering their usage information.

This will provide an entirely new opportunity for existing original songs while creating a system whereby part of the profit from the new song created through sampling will return to the writer, composer and artist of the sampled song as royalties.

To start with, the sound source of Higuchi Kaede, a virtual YouTuber from NIJISANJI, will be provided from December 20, 2021 onward.
More sound sources will be added in 2022.

[Available sound sources]
From MARBLE and AIM by Higuchi Kaede:
・Answer Song
・Stereo Identity
・Be Myself
・Sugar Shack
・For you, etc.

[What is Tracklib?]
It is a Swedish sampling platform. It has been used by music producers from more than 200 countries since it was officially launched in April 2018 (as of December 2021).

URL of the service website : https://www.tracklib.com/
Date of launch : April 2018
The number of sound sources handled : 120,000 songs or more
Service charge : Essential $5.99/month | 5 track downloads/month
  Standard $13.99/month | 15 track downloads/month
  Professional $29.99/month | 35 track downloads/month

[Outline of Bandai Namco Arts]
Company name: Bandai Namco Arts Inc. https://www.bandainamcoarts.co.jp/
Location: Ebisu First Square, 1-18-14 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 23, 1983
Representative: Satoshi Kono
Business contents: Planning, production and operation of video/music content, discovery and fostering of artists, and production of live events, etc.

©Bandai Namco Arts Inc. ©ANYCOLOR, Inc.

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