Bandai Namco to Install Gundam Manholes Throughout Japan

The Bandai Namco Group will install Gundam manholes throughout Japan. The first installation will be in Mobile Suit Gundam director Yoshiyuki Tomino‘s hometown of Odawara City in the Kanagawa Prefecture on August 1. Two designs will be used: one of the Gundam at the Odawara Castle and the other of Char’s Z’Gok at the Odawara fishing harbor.

The two manholes were formally gifted to the city at a ceremony on Saturday. They will be displayed at the Odawara Castle keep until July 31 before their installation on August 1. As part of an initiative to attract visitors to the castle, stairway art featuring a Gundam and Odawara Castle motif will also be unveiled at a later date.

The Gundam Manhole Project will work with local governments throughout Japan with the intention of invigorating the countryside and demonstrating the bonds of Gundam fans across the generations. It is currently accepting applications and inquiries for subsequent installations.

Source: Gundam.Info

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