Best Anime Series To Watch On Hulu (February 2023)

Image of Anya Forger from Spy x Family and Denji as Chainsaw Man from the Chainsaw Man anime

Over the years, anime has only gotten more popular and as a result, many streaming services have started to jump on the bandwagon and add anime to their roster. Thanks to this surge in availability, it’s become easier than ever for fans to keep up with their favorite titles.

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Out of the many services out there, Hulu has become one of the best places for fans to access popular anime series, movies, and more. It has a surprisingly impressive catalog of titles, and even some of the newest hits can be found there. From old-school classics to exclusive simulcasts, Hulu has something for every type of anime fan under the sun.

Updated on January 23th, 2023 by Chelsea Steele: Just about every streaming service now provides anime within their library, and Hulu is undoubtedly one of the best, rivaling even big names in the industry, such as Crunchyroll or Netflix. It totes an impressive catalog of titles, from old favorites to the newest hits. Many of these great series have already been covered on this list, but there are still so many more available, so it’s been updated with even more titles for fans to check out.

15 Outlaw Star Is A Classic Sci-Fi Series

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There were many incredible sci-fi series back in the ’90s. Among the many popular titles, there was an underrated gem known as Outlaw Star. This cult classic follows the adventures of Gene Starwind, Jim Hawkins, and a rag-tag team of friends. Together, they navigate the stars in the eponymous spaceship, exploring the galaxy and uncovering the mysteries surrounding Melfina, a strange girl they’re tasked to protect.

Outlaw Star is filled with action, adventure, a tons of space-themed escapades, making it perfect for new and old sci-fi fans alike. Though it’s available on a few other streaming services too, one of the best places to access Outlaw Star is Hulu, so those with a subscription should definitely give it a watch.

14 Mushishi Tackles Many Thought-Provoking Subjects

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While most anime available on Hulu are the classic action-packed adventure stories fans have come to expect, many titles in their catalog are surprisingly deep and thought-provoking. Among these is Mushishi, a beloved seinen series that focuses more on story and emotion than action.

Mushishi follows Ginko, a mysterious man who travels the land, in search of strange creatures known as Mushi. Puzzled by their existence, Ginko is determined to discover their origins and reason for being. As he searches, he eventually begins to wonder about the meaning of life itself, hoping his journey will bring him these answers too.

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Attack on Titan is one of the most influential modern anime series of all time, topping the charts even years after its initial release. This iconic series follows the story of young Eren Yeager, who dreams of nothing more than destroying the monstrous Titans that ravage his homeland. In order to achieve his goal, he joins the Survery Corps, a special force of elite soldiers with the sole mission of taking down these terrifying creatures once and for all.

With Part 3 of Attack on Titan‘s final season on the horizon, now is the time for fans to catch up and get ready for the epic conclusion. Luckily, Hulu has all four seasons available for those needing a refresher or even just getting into the series for the first time.

12 The Devil Is A Part-Timer Is A Reverse Isekai Featuring A Demonic Protagonist

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While most isekai take place in a magical fantasy world, The Devil is a Part-Timer is one of those rare exceptions. As a reverse isekai, it’s set in the regular world and features the adventures of everyday life. The story follows Sadao, the Demon King himself, as he navigates life on Earth and tries to make ends meet while working at a fast-food restaurant.

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Though the premise seems ridiculous, that’s exactly what makes The Devil is a Part-Timer so good. This beloved series has become one of the most popular isekai series of all time, and even those who normally don’t care for the genre can’t help but love it.

11 Trigun Stampede Is One Of The Latest Additions To Hulu

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Old-school fans know all too well that Trigun was one of the greatest anime of the ’90s. Old and new fans alike can now rejoice, as this beloved classic is back and better than ever with a brand-new series, Trigun Stampede.

Trigun Stampede is an all-out remake that plans to follow the manga more closely, giving fans the fully-animated story for the first time ever. So far, this highly-anticipated new series is currently only available on Crunchyroll and Hulu, so those looking to watch it should keep that in mind.

10 Initial D Features The Dangers & Thrills Of Street Racing

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Initial D is a beloved seinen classic that takes fans deep into the thrilling world of street racing. It centers around Takumi Fujiwara, a young tofu shop delivery boy with little to no knowledge or interest in cars, much less racing. However, this all changes one fateful night, after a gang of street racers witnesses his incredible driving skills.

Soon after, Takumi finds himself plunging head-first into street racing, taking to the roads at night for a wild ride. Though the series is decades old now, Initial D is still widely popular, and even modern fans enjoy it. For those who haven’t yet experienced this series, Hulu is the perfect place to check it out.

9 One-Punch Man Parodies Shonen In The Best Way

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Fans can all agree that One-Punch Man is one of the best modern anime series around. The series is a parody of classic shonen tropes and clichés, yet it still retains much of what fans love about the genre. The story follows Saitama, a man who trained mercilessly to become the world’s strongest hero.

However, when Saitama finally succeeds, he discovers that being the most powerful hero is actually pretty boring, especially when he’s able to KO any opponent who comes his way. Now, Saitama finds himself reluctantly taking on hero work and fighting various foes. Luckily he has a few friends by his side to mix things up and make his dull job a little more interesting.

8 My Hero Academia Has Become One Of Anime’s New Big Three

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Without a doubt, My Hero Academia is easily one of the best shonen series to come out in many years. It’s so successful that many even consider it one of the next Big Three of anime. The series stars Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who was born without a Quirk but has always dreamed of becoming a hero.

Izuku finally gets a chance to live out this dream after meeting his idol, All Might, who then passes his One For All quirk onto him. While My Hero Academia can be found on several different streaming services, fans can also access it on Hulu, with all six current seasons available.

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Since its debut, Demon Slayer has exploded in popularity, and it’s now easily one of the most beloved modern shonen anime of all time. The series follows young Tanjiro Kamado, whose life changes forever one fateful day after his family has been slaughtered and his sister Nezuko has been transformed into a demon.

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Vowing to avenge his fallen loved ones, Tanjiro sets off to find the one responsible for this tragedy, the Demon King himself. With its thrilling action, lovable characters, and gorgeous animation, Demon Slayer has enticed shonen fans everywhere. For those interested in checking this great series out, every season of the anime so far is currently available on Hulu.

6 Kill La Kill Is A Studio Trigger Favorite

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Out of the many Studio Trigger hits, Kill la Kill is one of the most popular and probably one of their greatest works to date. It centers around Ryuuko Matoi, a feisty and powerful young girl who joins the prestigious Honnouji Academy in search of her father’s killer.

Armed with Senketsu and her Scissor Blade, she goes head-to-head with Satsuki Kiryuuin and the Elite Four, hoping to finally get the answers she’s been looking for. Kill la Kill is Trigger at its best, featuring some of the best visuals to come out of the studio and some of the most iconic storytelling of their works.

5 Yu Yu Hakusho Follows The Iconic Story Of Yusuke Urameshi

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Among the many classic anime series that can be found on Hulu is Yu Yu Hakusho. This beloved ’90s shonen is a must-watch for fans of the genre, and it’s still widely popular today. It centers around Yusuke Urameshi, a young delinquent with a bad reputation who gets an opportunity to turn things around after sacrificing himself to save another.

After this selfless act, Yusuke is given the chance to get his life back. However, in order to fully live again, he’s tasked with the job of taking out evil spirits on Earth as a Spirit Detective. This iconic series can be found in its entirety on Hulu.

4 Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Sees The Series’ End At Last

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For years, Bleach fans have been sorely disappointed by the lackluster ending of the anime adaptation. With the manga still ongoing at the time, the series failed to fully adapt this beloved shonen. Thankfully, it’s back and better than ever with Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War.

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Thousand-Year Blood War features the final chapters of the story, finally bringing this epic story to the end everyone had hoped for. For those longing to see this highly-anticipated continuation, the series is exclusively available on Hulu in the US. As for anyone who has yet to get into the series, Hulu also has the original Bleach anime, so there’s still time to catch up.

3 Sailor Moon’s First Anime Adaptation Is Finally Complete With A Proper Dub

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Sailor Moon is undoubtedly one of the most influential anime series to ever exist. For many fans, their first introduction to this iconic classic was with the original ’90s adaptation. This version remains ever-popular even to this day, but due to censorship issues, it’s gone for decades without ever receiving a complete English dub.

Now years later, the Pretty Guardian’s adventures are finally fully available in English for the first time ever. Long-time Moonies can rejoice because the full Sailor Moon series is now available on Hulu, so everyone can now finally see the epic conclusion of this beloved magical girl classic.

2 Spy X Family Is One Of Anime’s Hottest New Series

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There have been many incredible anime titles throughout 2022, but few can come close to the popularity that Spy x Family has seen. Starring one of the oddest family dynamics of all time, the story centers around the Forgers, made up of a world-renowned spy, a top assassin, and a telepathic little girl.

Though they’re simply a fake family on a top-secret mission, the love they share for each other is real. In such a short time, they’ve become one of the most beloved anime families of all time, and fans can’t seem to get enough of them. Though Spy x Familyis available on many streaming services, Hulu users will be happy to learn that their favorite service includes this hot new title.

1 Chainsaw Man Is One Of This Year’s Most Anticipated Shonen Series

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2022 has been an amazing time for anime, with many unforgettable new titles making their debut. Among them is one of the most popular new shonen series, the highly-anticipated Chainsaw Man. Gory, violent, and action-packed, this epic shonen series doesn’t pull any punches, and that’s exactly what fans love about it.

Though Chainsaw Man is still very new to the scene, it’s already taken the anime world by storm and has outperformed even some of anime’s greatest modern titles, such as Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. Hulu is one of the many places fans can tune in to watch this amazing new series, so those with an account can get in on the action.

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