Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Couples

In the Background: Aang dipping Katara while dancing in cave in the Fire Nation; Zuko and Mai snuggling in the sun. Foreground: Sokka and Suki wearing swim suits and looking confidently at each other from Avatar: the Last Airbender.

Avatar: The Last Airbender delighted fans of all ages when it was first released in 2005, and again when it came to Netflix in 2020. The poignant messages about war and family still resonate with audiences today. Plus, the characters are some of the best written of all time. One of the things that made them so great was the characters’ romantic yet realistic relationships.

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The couples in Avatar are some of the most beloved and divisive in animation fandom. Whether fans like the pairings or not, there is no denying that all the relationships throughout Avatar feel real. Even if the characters did not stay together, the pairings helped to shape the characters and their motivations. Between the show, the Avatar lore, and the spin-off comics, these are some of the best relationships in Avatar: The Last Airbender.



10 Roku & Ta Min

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Roku grew up in relative normalcy. He palled around with his best friend and had a crush on a girl. Though his discovery that he was the Avatar changed his life in many ways, it never changed how he felt for Ta Min.

Though fans do not know much about Roku and Ta Min’s relationship, they know that Ta Min never left Roku’s side. Even when Sozin sought to attack Roku’s home, Ta Min rushed out with him. They did not have as long as they would have liked, but the pair were dedicated to each other for most of their lives.

9 Paku & Kanna

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While fans do not get to see the actual courtship, many enjoy the romance between Kanna, Sokka and Katara’s grandmother, and Paku, a Waterbending teacher from the Northern Water Tribe. Paku did propose to Kanna in the past, but his ideas about who should be allowed to bend did not sit well with Kanna, who moved to the Southern Water Tribe.

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Yet, decades later, the two old flames come together again, reconcile their differences, and even decide to get married at last. Many fans were charmed by Paku’s new “Grand Paku” title from Sokka, but the most heartwarming part is that he held on to his love for Kanna all this time.

8 Ursa & Ikem

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Although Ursa was originally married to Ozai, and birthed Azula and Zuko, she ran away from the palace back to her hometown to get away from Ozai’s abuse. Once she returned, she bumped into her old flame, Ikem, and the two began their relationship anew.

Ursa and Ikem seemed to have been destined for one another as they waited years to be together. They even got married and have a daughter together. After enduring so much, Ursa deserved happiness, and fans are glad she found it in her new husband, Ikem.

7 Zuko & Mai

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Zuko and Mai had similar upbringings. Though Mai comes from a loving family, she and Zuko both understand what it is like to be a part of an upper-class Fire Nation family. Plus, they both suffered under Azula’s villainous intent. Therefore, they have a built-in foundation for their blossoming romance throughout the show.

Zuko had a few other potential love interests (including fan-favorite Katara), but Mai and Zuko are more evenly matched. They have similar temperaments, and they both long to live quieter lives. Though that does not happen once Zuko becomes Fire Lord, Zuko and Mai remain each other’s rocks in times of turmoil.

6 Aang & Katara

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As the central romance, Aang and Katara were bound to have the most screen time. Though they have their ups and downs, Aang and Katara’s relationship is built up throughout the series to become one of the main emotional moments by the end of the show.

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Though many fans argue that Katara has more chemistry with Zuko throughout the show, Aang and Katara have weathered many worse storms together. Plus, Katara is always by Aang’s side throughout the series, while Aang helps Katara to learn how to have fun again. Their relationship shows admirable growth throughout Avatar: the Last Airbender which proves the strength of their bond.

5 Zuko & Jin

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When Uncle Iroh and Zuko escape to Ba Sing Se, Iroh decides that Zuko needs to be a regular teenager. Zuko is vehemently against the idea, but it does not stop Iroh from nudging him toward a young girl who seems to be interested in the brooding prince. Iroh all but forced Zuko and Jin to go out and even helps Zuko prepare for the date.

Despite not knowing how to act, Zuko and Jin’s date goes surprisingly well. They also share an implied kiss at the end. They may not have been soulmates, but Jin helps Zuko come out of his shell and opens up his potential for other relationships later in the show.

4 Kya & Hakoda

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Katara and Sokka’s parents, Kya and Hakoda, represent the tragedy of war. The two were a loving couple who cherished their children. But when fighting separated them, Kya chose to protect their daughter and offered herself up to the Fire Nation instead.

By the time fans meet him, Hakoda still mourns his wife’s loss but is never jaded about her sacrifice. The two were both dedicated to their cause and sought to protect the ones they loved at any cost. Many viewers wish Kya and Hakoda would have had more time together just so they could see what a loving and admirable relationship they shared.

3 Sokka & Yue

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Upon arriving at the Northern Water Tribe, Katara and Sokka instantly notice many differences between their tribe and the new one. However, while Katara’s grievances are about the way females are treated in the tribe, Sokka’s eyes remain permanently fixated on the Northern Water Tribe Princess, Yue.

Sokka and Yue have a short-lived romance, yet, their feelings for each other are so intense, that it is one of the most celebrated relationships in the show. Both Yue and Sokka showed great sacrifice by choosing to start a relationship, and extreme courage when Yue chose to save her people. The effects of Yue’s “death” weigh heavily on Sokka throughout the show, and provide some much-needed depth to his usually comedic character.

2 Sokka & Suki

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Whereas Sokka and Yue’s relationship was fast and intense, his relationship with Suki was more of a long time coming. The two began their relationship as quasi-enemies, but Sokka quickly learned that he was too judgmental and grows to respect Suki before they start anything romantic.

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Audiences love Suki and Sokka’s relationship because they both admire each other for their strengths. They never feel the need to cheapen each other’s accomplishments, and never look down on each other in any way. Plus, as the two non-benders of Team Avatar, Sokka and Suki connect on having to use their wits and brawn to help them in battles.

1 Oma & Shu

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Oma and Shu do not explicitly appear in the show, but their legendary story is told when Team Avatar travels to the city of Omashu. As a part of two warring clans, Oma and Shu often met in secret – learning earth bending from Badgermoles, and tunneling through the mountains to be together. However, when Shu is killed, Oma releases her might on both nations.

When peace finally happens, the city that the mountains formed was named Omashu after the couple whose love helped to end the conflict. Oma and Shu were so dedicated to each other that they risked their lives to be together. Even when Shu died, his loss sparked Oma into action. Their love story inspired many legends – and even one of the best songs from the show.

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