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Love it or hate it, the first season of Chainsaw Man did a decent job adapting the first half of the Public Safety Saga, so much so that a second season is well on the way. Given MAPPA Studio’s release pattern, the second season will likely not debut until 2024, but that does not mean that fans of both the anime and manga have not been speculating about what they will see in season 2.

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There are several theories on Reddit regarding the season’s potential episode length, and which arcs may or may not be covered. Some of these theories make sense, while others are a bit harder to believe. That being said, it is fair to assume that the dark series will have an entertaining second season.



10 The Bomb Girl Arc Could Be A Movie

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The first season went all the way to the end of the Katana Man Arc, which means that season 2 is supposed to start with the Bomb Girl Arc. Denji finds a new love interest, but she ends up having a very explosive personality.

Considering the success of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, some people, like Reddit user SeparateOcelot2110, believe that Chainsaw Man could go the movie route for the Bomb Girl Arc. This makes sense since the entire arc should take around 90 minutes. It would also give Studio MAPPA a buffer for season 2 since they currently have a packed schedule.

9 The Gun Devil Arc May Be Covered

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The Gun Devil is very powerful and has been set up to be the major antagonist of the series. The Gun Devil Arc covers eight chapters of the manga, and based on Reddit threads created by SeparateOcelot2110 and VariationGlass2483, there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not the second season will include this arc.

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The anime needs to cover two arcs before getting to the Gun Devil, and given the number of enemies that Denji and his allies will face, some fans think that the Gun Devil should be saved for a potential third season. This is understandable since the arc has a significant impact on the overall story.

8 There May Be Filler Episodes

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Most anime fans hate fillers, and some Chainsaw Man fans believe that season 2 may add some filler. Not all fillers are bad, however, some filler actually helps the story by fleshing out characters and making them more likable.

For Chainsaw Man, user Dracsxd believes that some filler may be added to give more emphasis on the assassins of the International Assassins Arc. Others would like to see Denji and Reze on a date or two to add to their relationship.

7 More Time Fleshing Out Santa Claus

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Season 2 will definitely include the International Assassins Arc, which means that Santa Claus will make an appearance. Santa Claus is the name given to a global hive mind of doll assassins who look like real humans. The Doll Devil, of course, controls it.

Santa Claus is the arc’s main antagonist, and Reddit user OneesanLover46 speculates that season 2 will add a few scenes to help flesh out the character. Such scenes could include Santa Claus traveling the world and doing wholesome things like dancing as it attempts to create the perfect doll, and bonding with Tolka.

6 Season 2 Might Be Longer

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Very few anime seasons are now more than 25 episodes long, and Chainsaw Man’s first season took the 12-episode approach. That may not seem like many episodes, but MAPPA Studio was still able to cover the first half of the Public Safety Saga.

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The Bomb Girl, International Assassins, Gun Devil, and Control Devil Arcs make up the second half, and some fans believe that the only way to animate these arcs properly is with more episodes. According to ApplePitou and SosukeAizen123, 24 episodes is the desired length, especially since it would give roughly six episodes to each of the final four arcs.

5 It May Take The Anime Original Path

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Like most anime, Chainsaw Man follows the manga, but some fans think that season 2 will have to take an alternate route since the manga is still going. This is known as the anime original path, and some fans are concerned about this happening since season 1 covered half of the Public Safety Saga.

This happened with other series like the original Full Metal Alchemist and The Promised Neverland, and both series left a sour taste in fans’ mouths. Fans like flame_ghoul-1118 want a faithful adaptation, not an original story that completely changes specific outcomes and character development.

4 Makima’s Identity May Be Revealed

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Some fans like senor-bangbang believe that the second season could finish up the Public Safety Saga, but in order for that to happen, Makima’s true identity would need to be revealed. Those who have not read the manga would be surprised to learn that Makima is the villain of the entire saga,

They will find out that she is actually the Control Devil, and that she is capable of controlling anyone she deems to be inferior to her. There is a high chance that the Control Devil Arc will be held for a potential third season, but if season 2 is indeed longer, the arc may get covered.

3 Power Might Die

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Since there is a chance the Control Devil Arc may get animated in season 2, there is a high chance that fans will end up seeing a major character death. Fans love Power because she is a bratty, self-centered, twisted antihero who gradually becomes friends with Denji.

As the Blood Fiend, Power has all the enhanced supernatural abilities of a Devil, but even she could not survive an attack from Makima. Chainsaw Man likes to shock its fans, and Power’s death was one of those moments, but Ironbear222 and A-M_Sinks agree that it would be a tad overwhelming.

2 Aki Might Die

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If Chainsaw Man season 2 does cover the Gun Devil Arc, it means that Ironbear222’s theory about a major character dying will come to pass. Aki wants nothing more than to kill the Gun Devil, but he never gets to achieve this goal; in fact, he ends up being killed by his rival.

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This only happens because Aki protects Makima, and the Gun Devil goes on to possess his body. Denji is then forced to fight his friend, and the battle becomes very destructive and emotional. This would be a great way to end the season, especially since Aki and Denji are something like brothers at this point in the story.

1 It May Have A “Happy” Ending

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The Gun Devil Arc ends with a bang, but some fans believe that season 2 will have a solemn ending rather than a shocking cliffhanger. Some fans like 44ron26 would prefer to get a glimpse of the battle’s aftermath to see how Denji and Power are coping with Aki’s death. This would help put more emphasis on his death.

RedVoid23 believes that the season finale could go another route, as fans may get Denji, Aki, and Power having dinner at home. This is how the first season ended, but it would be slightly different if Power is dealing with trauma and if Aki is missing an arm.

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