Best Creatures In James Cameron’s Avatar, Ranked

Best Creatures In James Cameron's Avatar, Ranked

James Cameron astounds the world yet again. Released more than a decade before its prequel, Avatar: The Way of Water did not disappoint. Catching up to its predecessor dominating the charts, Avatar: The Way of Water earns itself the 7th spot on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. James Cameron continues to make history with this franchise, from cinematography to graphics to the truly one-of-a-kind worldbuilding.

RELATED: 10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From James Cameron’s AvatarMuch like Jake in the 2009 film, the audience was completely blown away by the kaleidoscopic world of Pandora. Re-introduced into the vivid world, everyone on planet Earth is reminded of the endless beauty Pandora holds. Remarkable as the Na’vi may be, the magnificent creatures of Pandora should not be overlooked.

10 Akulas Let Anger Fuel Their Ferocity

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Not much is known about the Akula, but being an apex predator of the seas grants them a deserving spot on this list. Though incredibly similar, Akulas are far more ferocious and elusive than their cousins, Nalutsa.

RELATED: 10 Great Movies That Take Place At SeaAs surprising as it may sound, the fierce ocean creature was inspired by a real, Earthen animal that went extinct about 350 million years ago. The Dunkleosteus is an armored fish believed to be no less than 28.8 ft long. Inspired by snakes and sharks, the Akula jaw is relatively mundane compared to the rest of its extinct-beast-like-fish inspiration. Yet, the softened design choice doesn’t dampen their ferity in the slightest.

9 Angtsiks Show That There Is Strength In Size

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Contrary to popular belief, the sheer largeness of the Angtsiks, aka the Hammerhead Titanothere, in no way interferes with their speed at war. Its six limbs allow them to pivot briskly toward threats that weren’t previously in its line of sight. The formidable herbivore may have poor distance vision, but their acute hearing and keen sense of smell allow them to react just as quickly as any threat coming their way.

Exploring deep within the Pandoran jungle, Jake encounters an angered Angtsik and attempts to shoot them down. Fortunately, Grace Augustine was there to stop him from committing such a grave mistake. Their armor is virtually impenetrable, and they are a force to be reckoned with when furious.

8 Pa’lis Serve As The Na’vi’s Main Mode Of Land Transportation

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Named after its Earthen horse-like appearance, humans termed the Pa’lis, Direhorses. With one extra pair of limbs and eyes, the Na’vi depend heavily on the Pa’li to swiftly carry them through the jagged Pandoran terrain. Approximately the size of elephants in the human world, the Pa’lis perfectly accommodates the average 10 ft Na’vis.

Intertwined, the Pa’lis and their riders communicate through motor commands, making Pa’lis extensions of riders themselves. Though incredibly pertinent to the Na’vi hunting culture, unlike Ikrans, Direhorses do not share a tender, life-long bond with Na’vis.

7 Tsuraks Glide Through The Water With Wings

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Avatar takes the phrase “when fish fly” to a whole new level with their Skimwings. The Tsuraks’ wing-like fins allow them to elevate out of the water to resemble a real-life flying fish while their tail remains in the water to propel them forward. Its large and powerful tail allows them to travel up to an immense speed of 50 knots per hour.

Hands down, the coolest part of the Tsuraks is their dual respiratory system. They’re able to switch from gills to nostrils depending on their geographical state. Unlike the Pa’lis, Skimwings take ages to warm up to their riders. Not every Na’vi will have the privilege of taming the temperamental creature, but once they do, it’s a bond worth keeping for life.

6 Palulukan, “Dry Mouth Bringer Of Fear”

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Closely resembling a Terran panther, the Palulukan is, without a doubt, one of the fiercest creatures in the Pandoran animal kingdom. Though massive parts of the moon have remained uncharted and untouched, it’s difficult to imagine any creature more vicious than the enormous predator.

RELATED: 10 Most Powerful Animals In The DC Universe, RankedPalulukans hunt alone. They hunt wherever their hearts desire, even if it leaves them exposed to grander predators of Pandora, like the Great Leonopteryx. The Palulukans’ distensible jaws strike in a blink of an eye to air their ridding and tearing during hunts. They have ten sensory quills sprouting from their armor plating that has been hypothesized to heighten their sense of prey location that goes up to 13 km into the distance. The nefarious creature should bring fear to even their predators atop the food chain.

5 Nantangs Are Menacing Predators That Scare Even The Biggest Predators In Pandora

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There’s safety in numbers. The Viperwolves prove this by moving in packs and repelling any large predators that may come their way. Their lean stature, long torso, and six limbs give them the agility to hunt strategically. Coming across a pack is as lethal as Pandora’s biggest, most vicious predators.

Despite their sleek, iridescent blue skin, their overall dark hue helps them camouflage themselves in the eery jungle during nighttime. The Nantangs are a cold species. Cubs are expected and trained to hunt on their own only months after birth. By six months, Viperwolves have fully matured to accommodate hunting at a young age. Regardless of their deadly nature, mother Viperwolves are as warmhearted and gentle as any mother out there.

4 Ikrans May Be Deadly But Are Loyal To A Fault

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Theoretically speaking, murderous attempts aren’t ideal for building friendships. However, in James Cameron’s Pandora, the possibilities are endless, even life-long bonds built on a foundation of violence and homicide.

Though inferior to Toruks, they’re one of the most beloved creatures in all of Pandora. Some Navi warrior clans, like the Omaticaya, consider becoming an Ikran Makto a rite of passage. Riders and Ikrans are bound by fate, the latter destined to kill a former prior to bonding. Once a rider tames an Ikran determined to kill them, they bond for life. It’s a special bond that can only be broken by death and is resolutely irreplaceable.

3 Tulkuns Are Considered The Metkayina’s Spiritual Family For A Reason

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Tulkuns are superior in intelligence. In fact, they more closely resemble humans than the rest of their peers in the animal kingdom. Their sentience allows them to operate under the same social constructionism as humans. They’re rich in culture and history, inadvertently having a vast understanding of mathematics, poetry, and even music.

In terms of strength, it’s entirely up for debate how well they fare, as their ancient pacifist doctrine forbids them from ever killing another. Tulkuns are immaculate creatures that even have the ability to access stored memories within Eywa. It’s difficult to think of any other fictitious creature that even comes close to how impressive Tulkuns are.

2 Toruks Are Worthy Of Its Praise

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The Great Leonopteryx is deeply worshipped by the Na’vi. The lore states that anyone with the power to tame the apex predator would bring salvation upon Pandora during times of sorrow.

The four-winged reptile rules over the Pandoran sky. Cameron’s beautiful sunset-colored reptilian aerial animal has electric blue splashes that perfectly complement the Toruk Makto riding it. Their majestic beauty is spine-chilling. Their powers go far beyond even the comprehensible minds of the Na’vi. Closely related to the banshee, their razor-sharp teeth, and ferocious talons make them virtually invincible. Only having been tamed six times, Toruk is undoubtedly one of the best creatures in all of Pandora.

1 Atokirinas Are Sacred

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The Tree of Souls is a giant willow tree believed to be the closest connection Pandora has to Eywa. This sacred connection to the Eywa imparts great spiritual emphasis and significance to the Na’vi. Logically, this auspicious belief extends to the Atokirinas, a seed of the Tree of Souls.

According to the Na’vi, these glowing, jellyfish-like seeds are sacred spirits that meticulously choose their place of rest. In the Omaticaya clan, Atokirinas, also known as Woodsprites, hold ritual importance. Due to their direct connection to the Eywa, burying a deceased Na’vi with one of these seeds will project a direct line from the departed Na’vi’s consciousness to the Eywa. In addition to their ethereal appearance, their sacramental significance undoubtedly puts them somewhere on top of the pyramid.

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