Best Guardians Of The Galaxy Marvel Snap Cards

The best Guardians of the Galaxy cards in Marvel Snap include Star-Lord, Nebula and Ronan

Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be one of the most popular Marvel properties, and the recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 is already one of the most popular MCU movies of all time. The hype surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy has naturally spread to Marvel Snap, as the free-to-play card game celebrates the movie’s release with a season dedicated to Guardians’ Greatest Hits.

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While the Guardians Greatest Hits season introduces various new cards and locations, there are already pre-existing Guardians of the Galaxy cards that are established in the meta. Each card ultimately varies in viability and effectiveness. The main titular Guardians generally run off a gimmick that grants them extra Power if an opponent plays a card there that turn, but not all of them are great cards. Meanwhile, there are characters that have appeared across the three movies that have better Marvel Snap cards, whether it is down to cost, Power, or ability.



10 The Collector

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Taneleer Tivan appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy as a tricky “Collector” of fancy items, thus earning his nickname. While he hasn’t always been so resourceful in a Marvel Snap capacity, The Collector recently received a buff, making this 2-Cost 2-Power card much more usable.

The Collector gains +1 Power for every card that arrives in the player’s hand, but not from their deck. This adds immediate value to so many different cards, from Helicarrier, Nick Fury, and Agent 13 to Moon Girl and The Hood. The Collector will never be the focal point of any deck, but he has plenty to offer as long as there is an organized plan in motion.

9 Mantis

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Mantis was a late addition to the group in Vol. 2, but quickly became an integral member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. She also brings her controlled chaos to any deck in Marvel Snap. While the other Guardians gain Power if an opponent plays a card at the same location that turn, Mantis instead takes a card from the opponent’s deck.

It is a refreshing twist on this gimmick, and a potentially devastating one for the opponent, as this can disrupt their plans. There are better cards out there, but Mantis is a solid 1-Cost option.

8 Ronan The Accuser

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Ronan The Accuser is perhaps one of the most forgotten cards in Marvel Snap, but he does actually have a place in decks that are catered to his needs. Ronan only provides 3 Power for his cost of 5 Energy, but his Ongoing ability gets him +2 Power for each card left in the opponent’s hand.

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As Ronan benefits from the opponent having a stacked hand, cards like Master Mold, Baron Mordo, and Maximus all go really well with it. In fact, Absorbing Man can even copy these abilities in adding cards to an opponent’s hand. These cards are best played in the later turns of a game, to maximize the potential output for Ronan.

7 Star-Lord

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The titular Guardians of the Galaxy all have similar cards in Marvel Snap, at least in terms of premise. They share the idea of benefiting from an opponent playing at the same location on the same turn. Drax, Groot, and Rocket all have their moments, but Star-Lord is generally better.

Star-Lord can get to 5 Power with the correct placement, which is not too bad for a 2-Cost card that will likely appear in the early stages of a game. Many players see Rocket as a better alternative, but there are simply too many better 1-Cost cards out there, whereas Star-Lord fits into most decks that little bit better.

6 Gamora

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Gamora is the most expensive of the Guardians of the Galaxy cards that gain Power if an opponent played a card at the same location that turn. With the right placement and prediction, this 5-Cost card can go from 7 to 12 Power, thanks to the +5 On Reveal boost.

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There are plenty more enticing 5-Cost cards out there than Gamora, but with the introduction of Nebula and the Milano location, Gamora will likely be appearing in more decks. With Milano in particular, cards can only be played there on Turn 5, meaning that Gamora is primed and ready to strike for her 12 Power.

5 Yondu

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Yondu became a beloved member of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and that fondness can also naturally be attributed to his Marvel Snap card. Yondu is a 1-Cost 2-Power card, but its value lies in disrupting the opponent’s deck.

Yondu’s On Reveal ability destroys the top card of the opponent’s deck, and while there is serious luck involved in this, Yondu often finds a way to eliminate valuable cards. In fact, Yondu is easily one of the best 1-Cost cards in Marvel Snap. The Power of the card that Yondu destroys can even count towards Knull’s final Power output, which makes for a fun combination.

4 High Evolutionary

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The High Evolutionary finally arrived into the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, with Chukwudi Iwuji playing the villain. This introduction goes hand-in-hand with the character’s arrival to Marvel Snap, as it is one of the new additions of the Guardians Greatest Hits season.

The High Evolutionary is set to alter the landscape of Marvel Snap as we know it. It activates secret abilities of cards previously seen without them, from the Hulk and Abomination to Shocker and Misty Knight. This 4-Cost 7-Power card will be bringing so many new deck combinations into play. Its arrival will be a refreshing-yet-intimidating change to the meta.

3 Thanos

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MCU fans often forget that Thanos appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy, as his scene with Ronan and Nebula was brief. However, his overall presence was felt throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy and the rest of his MCU appearances. This intimidating aura even translates to his Marvel Snap card, as the mere inclusion of him in a deck gives the player Infinity Stones to play with.

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Thanos has been nerfed on numerous occasions, as the developers have sought out a balanced version of the card, and he has finally settled on costing 6 Energy and dealing 10 Power. Thanos influences so many different decks that his inclusion has been revolutionary for the progression of Marvel Snap, and it will always be one of the best cards on offer.

2 Nebula

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Nebula has been on quite the journey over the course of her involvement in the MCU, and has finally been introduced to Marvel Snap as the spotlight card of the Guardians Greatest Hits season. Despite being a 1-Cost 1-Power card, Nebula has immediately made her way into most decks in the meta.

Nebula gains +2 Power for each turn an opposing card is not played at its location. Playing Nebula early-on is a great way of managing priority, as opponents can panic about restricting her full potential, putting all of their focus into her and leaving the other locations vulnerable. In her current form, Nebula has serious staying power, meaning that she will be used long after this season has passed.

1 Cosmo

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Cosmo has finally arrived in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, with a female version joining the team. The very good girl and her telepathic powers translate extremely well to her Marvel Snap card, as this 3-Cost 3-Power gem is one of the best in the entire game.

Cosmo is the last line of defense against many of Marvel Snap‘s most intimidating cards, those with On Reveal abilities. Cosmo’s Ongoing ability completely nullifies any On Reveal effects of cards played at its location. It protects the player’s strongest cards from Shang-Chi, while stopping cards that are often paired with Wong, in their tracks. Cosmo should really be in any and every deck.

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