Best Paradox Pokémon for Ranked Battles

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Pokémon has announced that Paradox Pokémon will be allowed in the new season of Ranked Battles, letting players choose between the 14 variants.

Pokémon has announced that Paradox Pokémon will be allowed in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Battles Season 2. With prizes and pride on the line, competitors must assemble the best possible team to ensure victory. Out of the 14 Paradox Pokémon between the two versions of the game, four stand out as essential members of any competitive team.

The Paradox Pokémon available in Scarlet and Violet will vary depending on the game’s version. With the versions emphasizing either the past or future, the available Paradox Pokémon will be either an ancestor or a futuristic variant of the original creature. Thankfully, through trades, players can acquire any Pokémon from either version of the game.

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Pokémon Scarlet’s Flutter Mane Hits Hard & Fast

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Available in Area Zero of Pokémon Scarlet, Flutter Mane is the ancient relative of Misdreavus and has the potential to change the meta once introduced to Ranked Battles. With a dual Ghost/Fairy-type, Flutter Mane can potentially damage any other Pokémon type while only being weak to Ghost and Steel moves and having immunity to Normal, Fighting, and Dragon attacks. Having high base speed, this Pokémon can potentially move first in battles, getting off heavy hits thanks to a high special attack. Flutter Mane is a broken Pokémon that can demolish an opponent despite having low defense stats.

Pokémon Scarlet’s Roaring Moon Offers Multiple Resistances

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Another ancient relative also available in Pokémon Scarlet, Roaring Moon is an ancestor of Salamence. Roaring Moon is a Dragon/Dark-type Paradox Pokémon with a high base attack, speed stat, and decent defensive stats, being one of the few Pokémon to have base stats over 570 without being legendary. While this Pokémon can be left open to devastating hits from a Fairy-type attack and double damage from Fighting, Bug, Ice, and Dragon, the four times damage from Fairy attacks becomes a moot point once Terastallization comes into the equation. The main benefit of using Roaring Moon comes from the speed and offensive stats, allowing it to deal damage before the opponent can capitalize on a type weakness.

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Pokémon Violet’s Iron Valiant Hits Hard While Taking Damage Itself

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Making the jump to the future, Iron Valiant is the futuristic version of Gardevoir and Gallade and is found at Area Zero in Pokémon Violet. While as a Fairy/Fighting-type, Iron Valiant does have a decent number of weaknesses, including Flying, Poison, Steel, Psychic, and Fairy, its stats more than make up for the few double-damage move types. Iron Valiant is one of the few non-legendary Pokémon with base states over 570, allowing it to dominate in more than one area. This Pokémon has a high attack, special attack, and Speed stats. This allows it to deal heavy damage quickly while having a decent defense, letting it take a few hits without worrying the competitor.

Pokémon Violet’s Iron Bundle Offers Power Hits & Good Defense

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As shocking as it may seem to some players, Delibird’s future form Iron Bundle, found in Pokémon Violet, is a fantastic addition to a ranked team. This Water/Ice-type Paradox Pokémon is fast, hits hard, and can take a hit and keep going. Iron Bundle is an excellent way to tank a few hits when approaching an opponent that can dish out damage but may not be able to take any hits themselves. Only being weak to Fighting, Rock, Grass, and Electric-type enemies, there are not many Pokémon found in ranked that may be able to quickly eliminate Iron Bundle, helping to give some breathing room to any team it finds itself on.

With a wide variety of Paradox Pokémon in Paldea, it can be hard to decide which creatures should be added to a team or if a whole group of Paradox Pokémon is a viable option. Ultimately, a well-rounded team will always be the key to victory. Focusing too much on one area could spell disaster. Using nothing but Pokémon that can hit like a truck but crumple like a wet paper towel is asking to be defeated when a faster opponent arrives. Using the recommended Pokémon can help fill the void of another Pokémon. By filling some critical roles with a singular Pokémon, the player can serve as the team’s center.


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