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Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom that centers on the Belcher family. Bob Belcher is the patriarch of the family and owner of the struggling hamburger restaurant called Bob’s Burgers. He gets into some hilarious and outrageous situations with his wife, Linda, and their kids, Tina, Gene, and Louise. A big part of Bob’s Burgers’ success comes from the voice actors, who bring life to these oddball characters.

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Voice actors can influence a character’s qualities and personality. In Bob’s Burgers, talented actors like Gary Cole and Zach Galifianakis help make these comedy characters iconic. Some voice actors, like Kristen Schaal, even showcase their singing abilities in Bob’s Burger’s musical episodes.



10 Gary Cole As Sergeant Bosco

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Sergeant Bosco is a no-nonsense police sergeant who has made several appearances in Bob’s Burgers. He first appeared in the series during a hostage situation at the bank in Season 2. Gary Cole, known for his roles in critically acclaimed shows like The West Wing and the workplace political comedy Veep, gives voice to Bosco.

Cole is a prolific voice actor. His voice acting roles include Harvey Birdman in Adult Swim’s Harvey Birdman, Henry O’Hare in Hop, Principal Shepherd in Family Guy, and Dr. James Possible, Kim’s father, in Kim Possible. As Sergeant Bosco, Gary Cole gives a hilariously serious performance, and the Belcher family usually annoy and disrupt his police investigations.

9 Jenny Slate As Tammy Larsen

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Jenny Slate is a stand-up comedian and actor. Fans will probably recognize her for her iconic role as Mona-Lisa Saperstein in Parks and Recreation. In Bob’s Burgers, she plays Tammy Larsen, Tina’s frenemy and sometimes rival at school. Tammy is spoiled, manipulative, and the typical “mean girl.”

Tammy Larsen is a regular character in Bob’s Burgers, and while she’s mostly mean to Tina, she also has a vulnerable side. Jenny Slate has a vast experience in voice acting, having lent her voice to Dawn Bellwether in Zootopia and Harley Quinn in The LEGO Batman Movie. As Tammy, Slate showcases her comedic talent and range, particularly when Tammy gets upset and delivers some high-pitched screams.

8 Zach Galifianakis As Felix Fischoeder

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Felix Fischoeder is the younger brother of Mr. Fischoeder, the owner of the building where the Belcher family lives. Felix first appeared in a Season 4 episode where he’s in charge of renovating the bathroom at Bob’s Burgers. Unlike his brother, Felix is more temperamental and dramatic, and Zach Galifianakis’ hilarious sense of humor was perfect for the role.

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Audiences remember Zach Galifianakis for his comedy role in The Hangover and his talk show Between Two Ferns. Galifianakis also lent his voice to characters in films such as The Lego Batman Movie and Ron’s Gone Wrong. In Bob’s Burgers, Galifianakis uses his comedic style for Felix Fischoeder’s voice, a hilarious character who sometimes takes a more villainous role.

7 Megan Mullally As Gayle Genarro

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Gayle Genarro is Linda’s younger sister, an eccentric and cheerful woman who lives with many cats. She’s also a bit neurotic and has a hard time keeping jobs or being responsible. Megan Mullally gives voice to this Bob’s Burgers character, as well as many other one-off characters throughout the series.

Fans will recognize Megan Mullally from her popular Will & Grace character, Karen Walker. She also had a recurring role in Parks and Recreation, as Ron’s ex-wife Tammy. In real life, Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, who played Ron, are married. In Bob’s Burgers, Mullally has collaborated with Offerman, playing a married couple in the episode “Bob Fires the Kids.”

6 Larry Murphy As Teddy

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Teddy is the kind-hearted, talkative handyman who is a regular customer at Bob’s Burgers. He loves the Belcher family and considers himself Bob’s best friend, even if Bob doesn’t agree. Larry Murphy gives his voice to Teddy and other recurring Bob’s Burgers characters, like Linda’s hairstylist friend, Gretchen.

Larry Murphy is no stranger to voice acting. Before Bob’s Burgers, Murphy voiced all the main characters of Adult Swim’s animated show Assy McGee. He’s also a comedian who has gone on comedy tours with Eugene Mirman, the voice of Gene Belcher.

5 Eugene Mirman As Gene Belcher

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Eugene Mirman gives a hilarious performance as Gene Belcher, the only son and middle child of the Belcher family. The Bob’s Burgers character has a passion for music and has a close bond with his mother, Linda. He can also be very loud, something other characters can find a bit annoying.

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Much like his mother, Gene’s also very laid back and mostly minds his own business unless he’s caught in some of Louise’s pranks. His passion for music sees him writing songs or even entire musicals on Bob’s Burgers. Mirman has showcased his singing abilities as well, especially in “Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl,” where Gene created “Die Hard, the Musical.”

4 Dan Mintz As Tina Belcher

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Dan Mintz is a comedian and the voice of Tina Belcher, the eldest of the Belcher siblings. Fans mostly remember Tina for her love of horses, her erotic fiction, and her love for Jimmy Jr. Mintz’s deadpan comedy style played a part in shaping Tina’s character, with the comedian bringing some of his personality to Tina.

Tina Belcher is a bit awkward and insecure, and she has a hilarious groan for when things get too hard. Much like Mintz, Tina wears glasses, which is an iconic part of her look. Mintz brings plenty of emotion to the character, particularly when Tina gets upset or loses her temper.

3 Kristen Schaal As Louise Belcher

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Kristen Schaal is no stranger to voice acting. Schaal has played iconic animated characters like Mabel in Disney’s Gravity Falls and the beloved Sarah Lynn in BoJack Horseman. In Bob’s Burgers, Kristen Schaal plays Louise Belcher, the youngest Belcher sibling.

Louise is the rebel who’s always coming up with hilarious pranks that can sometimes land her in trouble. Kristen has showcased her singing abilities during Bob’s Burgers musical episodes. The most memorable example is in “Glued, Where’s My Bob?,” when Louise accidentally glues Bob to the toilet after a prank goes wrong. The Bob and Louise duet song is one of the best in Bob’s Burgers, and Kristen Schaal shined as Louise.

2 John Roberts As Linda Belcher

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John Roberts plays the iconic Linda Belcher, the matriarch of the family. Linda is always positive, enthusiastic, and fun-loving. John Roberts also showcases his singing abilities in Bob’s Burgers, as Linda can break into a song at almost any moment. Roberts plays other characters on the show, including Tina’s frenemy Jocelyn.

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For his role as Linda, John Roberts takes inspiration from his mother. Before landing the role, Roberts was already playing his mother in some hilarious YouTube videos. Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob’s Burgers, saw these videos and decided to cast Roberts, making him a huge part of what makes Linda Belcher so popular and beloved.

1 H. Jon Benjamin As Bob Belcher

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H. Jon Benjamin is a voice-acting veteran, especially in adult animation. A few of his iconic characters include Sterling Archer in Archer and Carl in Family Guy. In Bob’s Burgers, Benjamin lends his voice to the titular Bob, the owner of a struggling burger restaurant.

Bob Belcher is usually the more sensible of the family members. H. Jon Benjamin does a perfect job playing Bob. His monotone voice, mumbling, and high-pitched voice when Bob’s angry or scared gives the character his uniqueness. Bob also breaks into a song and sometimes does silly voices for inanimate objects, like when he talks to his vegetables or cooking equipment. Benjamin also plays Tina’s love interest, Jimmy Pesto Jr.

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