Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 Release Date & Recap

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 closes the sixth week, and also the decision of POV meet. The nominations were quite weird, to be honest, and heartfelt too. No one expected Derek F. to make a sacrifice by offering to nominate himself in order to save Britni and Azah. The plan worked to be clear, and HOH Kyland was convinced. But what for? It all went in vain when it comes to the POV competition. Everyone had their bets on. The game was quite fun on its side and revealed a lot to contestants about their allies and enemies.

Towards the end of the POV competition, it was clear that HOH Kyland’s plan was in full swing. The people he wanted to save, the trust he wanted to earn, and everything. All was according to plan. But not for Derek F. He was shocked that even after putting himself up for nomination, one of Britni and Azah might find themselves in danger. All thanks to the HOH Kyland. Furthermore, the one being put up later found out, and big bursts came walking towards Kyland. Who was it? And what it means for eliminations? Let’s break it down.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Recap

Last time on Big Brother Season 23, we opened up with everyone trying to convince Veto winners. These winners include Kyland, Derek F., Claire, and Sarah Beth. Derek F. is making everyone feel like he is the target. Kyland is figuring out the new targets he may have to choose from. While some of the people do not trust Kyland at all, there are some who have some hopes. Anyway, it was time for the POV competition to begin. Kyland has chosen Alyssa to perform. Similarly, for Claire, it’s Azah, and for Derek F., it’s Britni.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19

From Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Featuring Kyland

The game for POV began, and it’s the classic OTEV game. It involves a Jelly Fish with a weird and funny accent. The competitors need to figure out the clues from the accent and slide down to the yard with the right answer. Alyssa ended up winning the Veto, which in turn means Kyland receives the second Power of Veto. Claire is really not into the fact that Kyland threw away the competition for Alyssa. Similarly, Tiffany was in a bad mood as well, watching Azah throwing it for Britni. Anyway, the competition is over, and even Kyland and Claire pay for their punishments.

Ending For Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18Ending For Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18

From Big Brother Season 23 Episode 18 Featuring Britni and Kyland

Towards the Veto meeting, Kyland now has his plan clear. He aims for Britni as his target to be put up. He moves on to share the news with Derek F. later on. Well, the plan is something that doesn’t fit with Derek F. anyway. He tries his best to keep cool in the situation and tries to convince to select Derek X. her. Similarly, Kyland also had a talk with Sarah Beth. She gave her sight to put up Derek F. unless the nomination changes. Later in the episode, Sarah Beth tells Britni the bad news. Britni, in turn, ends up confronting Kyland, who gave his own explanation. The episode closes with Britni in tears.

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Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 Release Date and Spoilers

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 is releasing on 19 August 2021 and will air on CBS at 8 pm ET. Tonight’s nineteenth episode will mark the end of the sixth week of Big Brother Season 23. Now four weeks remain before we reach the finale and meet Big Brother Season 23’s winner. So expect Big Brother Season 23 to follow into the seventh week on next week’s Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can also watch Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 on the official website of CBS and Paramount+.  Meet the contestants of Big Brother Season 23 below with our predictions for the coming episode.

Big Brother Season 23 Episode 19 may show us the decisions made during the POV meet. Something that was left in the air last episode with Britni’s breakdown. For most of the show, Britni has found herself in danger. One game, she had a good feeling that she would be safe. That’s when Kyland played his games. The question remains, after all the confrontation and breakdowns, will Kyland stick to his decision? If yes, what havoc will Britni bring into the game for constantly being targeted?

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