Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full And Final List Of Contestants

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestants
Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestants

It’s that time of the year again when Bigg Boss Malayalam reveals the final list of contestants that will be locked down in the big house, competing against each other and having their lives filmed and recorded. Also, the Malayalam popular show that airs on Disney Hotstar manages to gather ever a bigger audience as it now streams live on an OTT platform! That’s right, these people are watched all the time, all day, all night!

Hosted by the famous Mohanlal —something that dissipates all the rumors surrounding his non-participation as host. Bigg Boss Malayalam will be anchored by this man, and he will surprise us because he will be wearing some quite gallantly outfits this season. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at this topic!

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestantsBigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestants
Learn the list of participants of Bigg Boss Malayalam

What is Bigg Boss Malayalam?

Endemol Shine India, now owned by Banijay, produces and broadcasts Bigg Boss in Indian Malayalam on Asianet. In the Netherlands, Endemol created a similar reality TV series called Big Brother, which served as a model for the show that would eventually become “The Real Housewives of…” For the 25th anniversary of Asianet, Bigg Boss was launched in 2018. Since the beginning of the first season on June 24, 2018, Mohanlal has served as the show’s host.

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How Does Bigg Boss Work?

The contestants are isolated from the outside world for 100 days (or 15 weeks) in a custom-built house. They’re continuously monitored during their stay by live television cameras as well as personal audio microphones, and if they break any rules or engage in delinquent behavior – like talking back! One episode per week features an eviction vote where fans can choose which of these cramped dwellers will leave with friends and cash prizes waiting at home base… but there’s always risk involved when submitting yourself into this type of deal because you never know what may happen; could be anyone’s luck To make it out alive after being voted off.

With the exception of several housemates, everyone else is isolated from society. They live in one big household and take part in weekly nominated competitions where two people face eviction; if you receive more nominations than anyone else, then it’s your chance at survival! The last week features five participants remaining. But only four can win because there will be an electoral college system running alongside our regular voting procedure, which helps decide who wins this competition. The celebrities that join “Big Brother” s Malayalam version aren’t members of the general public like other versions do. Instead, they’re famous stars with great fame across Kerala state.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestantsBigg Boss Malayalam 4: Full and final list of contestants
One regular day at Bigg Boss Malayalam

Where to Watch Bigg Boss Malayalam?

If you want to watch this popular reality show, tune in to the Asianet channel at 19:00 hrs on Sundays. You can also watch regular episodes from Monday to Friday at 21:30 hrs on that channel. Bear in mind that the weekend episodes air at 21:00hrs. Additionally, Bigg Boss Malayalam show is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. There’s also a live 24-hour stream for this show from an OTT platform if you don’t want to miss any minute of this show!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Final Contestant List

The final contestant list is made up of several persons, and here are their names. Pala Saji, Maheen Machan, Vava Suresh, actress Suchitra Nair, American influencer Aparna Mulberry will be there. Also, ER doctor Robin Radhakrishnan, aka Dr. Maachan, Rahul Easwar, Lintu Rony, Sreelakhmi Arakkal —famous actor for playing villains—, Lintu Rony. The bodybuilder Jasmin Moosa, Aneesh Ravi.

Also, TV and movie actress Lakshmi Priya, actress and dancer Dhanya Mary are there. Additionally, TV actor Ronson Vincent (from Bharya), Jiya Irani, Wikki Thug, actor and comedian Sooraj Thelakkad. Luckgith Saini. Moreover, Bigg Boss will have D4 Dance dancer Dilsha Prasannan. And lastly, Shanavas Shanu. With this, we conclude our coverage of Bigg Boss Malayalam. Thanks for reading our article, and please keep coming back to Otakukart for all things entertainment because we post daily updates. See you soon!

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