Billions Season 6 Episode 10 Review & Recap: Maybe Chuck Can Get His Position Back

Billions Season 6 Episode 10
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Mike Prince

Chuck is trying his hardest to put on a brave front at his retirement party at the start of Billions Season 6 Episode 10. To be fair, it’s not exactly a happy event after years as Attorney General of New York. Mike Prince has forced him out of his post, and he has no idea where he will go next. Dave, who is taking over his work for the duration of his term, makes it clear to Chuck that he will not be lurking about her office wielding power like a puppet master behind the curtain.

Chuck’s friends arrive to take him away for a spa weekend because he has nowhere else to go. Ira, Judge DeGiulio, and Chuck Sr. persuade him to take a break and not get too caught up in planning his next move and doing something stupid simply to get back at Prince. Certainly an attainable objective, but Chuck is proving difficult to separate from. He spends most of his time on the retreat looking for a new job on his phone. And no matter how many of his friends tell him that he appears desperate, he refuses to change his mind.

Billions Season 6 Episode 10 Review & Recap

Between Wendy’s day-long primal performance coaching session and the abundance of Angel Heart references, Mike Prince made a pact with the devil and is on his way to establishing some sort of benevolent tyranny, according to “Johnny Favorite.” Okay, he said “Pax Romana,” but it’s hardly a good omen when a state of peace sounds downright terrifying. After six seasons of realism, it’s unlikely that Billions will make a dramatic move into the supernatural and government overthrow. But I’ve clearly been baited: what is Prince and Scooter’s secret grand plan?

Billions Season 6 Episode 10Billions Season 6 Episode 10
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Mike Prince and Wendy

Whatever it is, Prince is correct in assembling his army, as this Caesar wishes to may want – avoid the March Ides. He never states he aspires to be “Julius Caesar,” which is vital to note. Chuck Rhoades is ready for a full-fledged revenge bout after a relaxing lads’ weekend at the Sagamore Resort on Lake George in upstate New York. Wendy could, however, be the brains behind Prince’s assassination.

Wendy’s Coaching Sessions With Prince

Wendy ultimately gets Prince to admit out loud that he’s a power-hungry, egotistical tyrant who arranged Chuck’s removal from his position as New York State Attorney General during a marathon coaching session. He truly believes he is the greatest person who has ever lived, which is why he “demands” that everyone in his domain respect, fear, and love him. Wendy appears to be working late one night, scribbling up session notes in one of the Episode’s last scenes. However, a quick phone call reveals her true intentions: She’s working on a book, and her meeting with Prince influenced the final chapter’s subject. More than that, we don’t know. Is it a Mike Prince autobiography? What evidence is required for Chuck to be reinstated as Attorney General? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Wendy's Coaching Sessions With Mike PrinceWendy's Coaching Sessions With Mike Prince
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Wendy’s Coaching Sessions With Mike Prince

But, because Dave Mahar has settled into her new role, I don’t want Chuck to be restored. And it’s great to see that she’s not keeping the AG seat warm for her predecessor right away. She expresses sympathy for Chuck’s feelings during his ceremonial office send-off, but she makes it obvious that she is now in charge. Rest assured, though, that dodgy millionaires remain a top concern for AG Mahar. Dave is visited in her office by a sassy Kate Sacker, who warns her against going after Mike Prince, but Dave isn’t easily intimidated. She accuses Sacker of orchestrating Chuck’s resignation as AG, then warns the aspiring lawmaker that she is now “exactly the person I want to send to prison.”

Kate Sacker Descends Into A Life Of Moral Turpitude

As Dave makes a good point during their fight, it’s been intriguing to watch Kate Sacker progressively slide into a life of moral turpitude. Was it because she joined MPC that this happened? Or was it something she’d always had? As we’ll see in this Episode, the answer isn’t so simple. After attempting all Season to persuade someone at MPC to hire Hall for their nefarious purposes, Hall finally succeeds. Wags ultimately persuades Sacker to contact the fixer.

Kate SackerKate Sacker
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Kate Sacker

Harry Lennix, who plays Sacker’s media billionaire father Franklin, makes a great one-scene appearance. Franklin calmly explains to his enraged daughter that bribery was a necessary evil for her success, without even using the words “race” or “racist.” When Kate was in boarding school, she engaged in some civil disobedience on campus. Even back then, she probably didn’t realize the weight of “consequences,” which Franklin was all too familiar with as a Black man. While Kate was suspended for two weeks, Franklin paid off the headmaster’s mortgage, ensuring that she, unlike her peers, did not have her college acceptances revoked.

Kate’s excellent grades and extracurricular activities, in Franklin’s opinion, would not be enough to cushion the shock of losing her college placement. Perhaps white children might recover from such a setback, but Franklin wasn’t willing to risk it. Sacker notifies Wags that she’s putting her congressional campaign on hold, having been stung by Dave’s words and considering herself to be a hypocrite. She says MPC is where she’s supposed to be”. I believe she is correct. The most telling reaction is Wags’ disappointment. Is he concerned that she’s gone rogue?

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Wags And Chuck

Wags’s increasingly perplexed facial expressions serve as an excellent stand-in for the audience. He’s still working with Prince and Scooter, but he hasn’t been told about the top-secret plan. Wags mentions to Scooter near the end of the show that Prince has finally gotten the MPC staff on his side. Scooter agrees, stating ambiguously, “They’re ready.” When Wags asks, “For what?” he is speaking for all of us.

Billions Season 6 Episode 10Billions Season 6 Episode 10
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Roger Scooter and Mike Wags

Chuck’s involuntary men’s retreat with his father, Ira Schirmer, and Judge Adam DiGiulio, with a special appearance by Dr. Swerdlow, doesn’t accomplish anything to advance the plot beyond reminding our fallen social-justice fighter that he’s most alive when he’s fighting. He has no desire to reboot, rebrand, or start a podcast. Chuck is on a mission for vengeance, and it takes an over-the-top MAGA-type caricature portrayed by Matthew Lillard to get him back on track.

Ronald Is Simply An A’Hole

Humanity’s biggest fear, Ronald Chestnut: The type of jerk who yammers on his phone loudly during someone else’s sensory deprivation experience and then immediately begins Instagramming once inside the chamber. When a woman gently declines his offer of cocktails later that evening, this type of jackass doesn’t take no for an answer. The type of jerk who smacks a Hispanic busboy in the face before launching into a tirade of privilege and racism.

Chuck feels enraged and ready to retaliate against Mike Prince because of this type of jerk. But not before reciting Chestnut’s name and giving yet another lovely speech worthy of the Rhoades name. Chuck informs the on-parole Chestnut that a hardworking busboy like the unidentified busboy is “more American than you’ll ever be” and that he should leave this fight immediately. Chuck will be back in prison for unpaid child support and embezzlement if he takes one more strike at him.

Chuck Goes After Prince

Chuck tells Ira that he knows how to go after Prince now after receiving some rare praise from Senior. Chuck, like Wendy, was perplexed by Prince’s requirement that he be present in the Senate chamber on the night of his removal. Despite the fact that Prince was not required to be present, his Gladiator references revealed him: Chuck observes, “He enjoys the blood sport.” “And someone who likes blood sports can be persuaded to participate in another battle.” We don’t know what Chuck’s new strategy is, but we do know it involves Prince being on the losing end of a battle.

Billions Season 6 Episode 10Billions Season 6 Episode 10
Billions Season 6 Episode 10 – Chuck Goes After Prince

It won’t be easy, considering his adversary now has a full “army” behind him, by providing the MPC team with a taste of “freshly killed power” in the shape of a Wheels Up membership and keeping with the Roman motif. Mike Prince officially has the entire allegiance of every one of his employees, despite the drug-and-alcohol-fueled bacchanalia at Prince Manor. Taylor’s fate is still up in the air.

More On Billions Season 6 Episode 10

For Dr. Swerdlow, the guys swapping combat experiences over evening drinks at the Sagamore was a revelation. Billions is implying that Joan Rivers died at his hands, despite the fact that he didn’t identify her by name. What’s more alarming is that this was Swerdlow’s “first” loss of his medical license.

It was also comforting to learn that Senior had been knocked down a notch or two throughout his life. I enjoyed watching him squirm as he related the end of his “King of New York” days, when a building he owned caught fire, killing 79 people due to faulty sprinklers and fire doors. Mad Men would like to speak with Billions about your Chuck-doing-yoga-by-the-lake sequence. I didn’t see Rian sleeping with Prince coming.

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