Black Adam’s Aldis Hodge Makes a Meta Tribute to DC on Leverage

Aldis Hodge in Leverage alongside his portrayal of Hawkman

The season finale of Leverage: Redemption sneaks in a reference to DC movies, honoring actor Aldis Hodge’s role as Hawkman in Black Adam.

Aldis Hodge, who starred as Carter Hall/Hawkman in Black Adam (2022), got the chance to reference the role in his show Leverage: Redemption.

Hodge’s character Alec Hardison, who had become semi-stranded in space on board a satellite, delivered a line referencing his DC role while imploring his team to come and rescue him because he was missing out on pop culture. “I done missed three DC movies. Three! I don’t know what’s going on. Who’s fighting who?!”

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In Black Adam, Hodge’s Hawkman got a number of opportunities to fight the titular anti-hero while Johnson’s eponymous anti-hero was set up to ultimately duke it out with Henry Cavill’s Superman. These plans fell through following James Gunn and Peter Safran’s takeover as the new heads of DC Studios, and neither Johnson nor Cavill are set to reprise their roles in the foreseeable future. Prior to the release of Black Adam, Hodge himself shared how excited he was with the possibility of a Black Adam vs Superman fight, saying that he thought it could be an entire trilogy. “I want to see at least two to three movies build up to it. And then, in that final film, that final showdown, at least 80 percent of that movie has them fighting it out.”

Black Adam’s Leverage Over Hawkman

For Hodge, the fight scenes opposite Johnson were a little stressful. “My lasting memory is that I never hit him,” he said. “That was all I cared about. I’m actually serious. Swinging around that mace, man…” The actor shared that his previous stunt training hadn’t prepared him for the challenges of working with Hawkman’s signature weapon. “Man, all I wanted to do was make it through the day without scratching that man’s face. Because if I scratched his face and we had to shut it down because of me? Yeah, that’s no bueno.”

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Leverage: Redemption is a revival of the hit TNT series Leverage, which originally ran from 2008 to 2012 with stars Hodge, Gina Bellman, Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane, and Timothy Hutton. The new series, which replaced Hutton with ER‘s Noah Wyle and added Aleyse Shannon to the cast, has featured Hodge in a limited capacity due to his filming commitments to other projects, including Black Adam. Hodge is billed as a special guest star for every appearance: three episodes in Season 1 and five in Season 2. The show currently does not have an order for a third season.

Black Adam is currently streaming on HBO Max. The second season of Leverage: Redemption is now available on Amazon Freevee.

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