Black Clover Chapter 311: Release Date & Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 311

Zenon vs. Yuno seemingly ends in Black Clover Chapter 311. Yuno lands a killer blow that almost took away Zenon. But Zenon survived that and landed some massive bones attacks. Yuno managed to teleport behind Zenon and use Star Magic Quartile: Flagellum against Zenon. Black Clover continues with Zenon vs. Yuno that seems from far to end. From the latest Black Clover Chapter, Yuno’s strikes crack Zenon’s bones who uses Bone X Spatial Magic: Demon Sword Dainsleif against Yuno. Yuno takes the battle to a distance while dodging the strikes from the Demon Sword.

But Zenon managed to keep up with Yuno, who realizes that he can’t block Zenon’s strikes since Zenon is too close. The two had a great duel and landed massive strikes that left the explosions. We saw a Spatial Rupture, but it was not revealed where it was coming from since Zenon had some flashbacks. Zenon recalls when he met with his family and learned about the weaklings who died easily. At that time, the weak ones didn’t have anyone to protect them, but they get revived and regenerated with immortal bodies after death. Some of the weak ones were killed to do that process. Yuno also realizes that he has no chance to regenerate the broken Star.

It is revealed that the four Zogratis siblings can use the devils’ power and magic to remake humanity. But those who are not scared to die have helped them create the peaceful Spade Kingdom. Zenon recalls those words and everything that happened at that time. He knows that it was for the prosperity of the Spade Kingdom. Zenon and Yuno took another level as the battle continued and increased their powers while surpassing their limits. They are both landing killers blows that leave explosions and destructions around.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 310

Yuno gets his chance and flies towards Zenon after realizing that he has an opportunity to land that specially reserved strike. Zenon notices that Yuno is up to something, and he gets ready as he wields his Demon Sword. Yuno unleashes Spirit of Boreas: Spatial Rupture and uses it against Zenon. This means that this was the earlier attack after the massive explosion. That attack landed and opened Zenon’s chest, and the Devil’s Heart is out in the open. Zenon wonders if Yuno will make it and destroy the Devil’s heart before he runs out of Stars. He realizes that a clean hit will end him at any moment.

Black Clover Chapter 311Black Clover Chapter 311

Yuno is about to enter Saint Stage, and it is revealed that one can enter Saint Stage when resonance is at 100% between the spirit and the host. Suddenly Yuno obtained Saint Stage, thanks to the hard effort he put into this battle since he almost died. This is bad news for Zenon, who noticed that and Yuno’s Stars have changed. The Saint Stage has the power to assassinate a Devil or Supreme Devil. Yuno appears in front of Zenon, showing dominance and overwhelming powers.

But Zenon didn’t hesitate, and he struck with Demon Sword and saw surprising things. Yuno appears behind Zenon, who realizes that his Demon Sword has missed the target. Yuno has become more potent, and Conjunction Star was born during the battle. It was also revealed that the robust mage results in the birth of Conjunction Stars. Yuno also had some flashbacks on how he has improved. He released Saint Spirit of Zephyr with the belief that he had won and shouted that. This must be the final blow that Yuno landed since it is the last signature move.

Black Clover Chapter 311 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 311 will be released on 31 October 2021. Yuno vs. Zenon is nearing its end since Zenon’s chest is opened, and Yuno is about to finish him. This will be ended in the next few chapters since the manga has been in this duel for a long time. This brawl will continue in the next chapter of Black Clover. Let’s look at Black Clover Chapter 311 official details and other latest news below.

Black Clover Chapter 311Black Clover Chapter 311

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Read Black Clover Chapter 311 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Black Clover Chapter 311 online on VIZ Media’s official website. Black Clover Manga’s latest chapters are also released on Shonen Jump+, Shueisha’s online magazine, and releases its chapters every weekend unless the manga delays the next chapter. Black Clover releases new spoilers and updates during the week, and the latest chapter is released two to three days later. Let’s meet when Black Clover Chapter 311 is released.

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