Bleed With Me Ending Explained And Plot Of The Movie

Bleed With Me is another movie in the horror films category that focuses on the psychological side. The horror movie genre is quite fascinating in many ways. It can be scary as hell, while on the other hand, it can show the psychological aspects of humans. This movie sure does that and we are going to tell you the reason it does that well. However, it still left the audience with the question about the ending and why it all happened. The movie was recently released in the United States and other markets on the 10th of August 2021. The young Canadian film director Amelia Moses has directed this horror flick. In addition to that, she has also written the script of the movie which is good.

Moving on to the cast of the film, the star cast includes Lee Marshall, Lauren Beatty, and Aris Tyros as the main characters. However, the story is mainly focused on the characters of Lee Marshall and Lauren Beatty. Lauren is known for her roles in several movies like “Jigsaw”, “Pay the Ghost”, “Bloodthirsty”, and more. She has also appeared in a few television series like “Urban Legends” and “Stiffs”. The movie received mostly good reviews from critics and has a score of more than eighty percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Bleed With Me Ending

Plot Of The Movie

The story of the movie revolves around the characters named Rowan, who is played by Lee Marshall, and Emily, played by Lauren Beatty. The story begins when Emily rescues Rowan from a co-worker at a Christmas party who gets drunk and harasses her. They get to know each other and then eventually become good friends. After a few months, Emily plans a winter trip and goes to a cabin in a remote location for the holiday. She plans this trip with her boyfriend Brendan played by Aris Tyros but she also invites Rowan to join them.

There seems to be an awkwardness between Rowan and Brendan as he thought the trip would be an alone time for him and Emily. However, they do not let that awkwardness come out and go with the flow of the holiday. The same night all three of them have a few drinks and then go to sleep. Things take a scary turn for Rowan when she feels someone sitting beside her in the middle of the night. However, she thinks it is her paranoia and goes to sleep.

Bleed With Me EndingBleed With Me Ending

A still from “Bleed With Me”

But when she wakes up the next morning she sees a fresh incision on her hand. This starts happening every night and now she starts to see Emily drinking blood from her hand. However, she is confused whether it is Emily that is drinking her blood or is she hurting herself because of her paranoia. On the other hand, Brendan leaves Emily after discussing Rowan staying for too long and that he cannot take it anymore.

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What Happened In The End?

When Brendan is there with Emily and Rowan, he tells Rowan one night about Emily’s past and how she suffered the loss of her sister who died at a young age. He tells her that she has been through a lot and that is why likes to care for people, especially the ones close to her. After he leaves, Emily and Rowan bond again as Rowan talks to Emily about her sister and comforts her. However, she still suffers from the constant unconsciousness and her paranoid dreams about Emily become even scarier.

During this time, Rowan finds a box where Emily has been keeping the needles. When she wakes up and sees Emily beside her, she shouts at Emily that she has found out what she has been doing to her. It was Emily all along who drugged Rowan and made took her blood so she would become dependant on Emily. She does all this because she wants Rowan never to leave her like she lost her sister. Also, she had been feeling Brendan getting distant from her which only explains her escalated psychological behavior that made her do all those things to Rowan.

However, all this does not end well for Emily in the end. When she tries to get Rowan to convince her, Rowan accidentally stabs her in the neck. Emily starts bleeding heavily and falls to the floor. Soon Brendan returns and finds a lost Rowan wandering on the road due to the trauma. He takes her back to the cabin where he finds Emily dead on the floor covered in her blood.

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