Bone & Claw Challenge Guide

Wolverine in his Midnight Suns combat suit

Wolverine is one of the strongest characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Completing his Bone & Claw challenge makes him even stronger.

Outside traditional combat missions, Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers additional Challenge Missions for players to complete. There is a Challenge Mission for each of the game’s 13 playable characters, and each one grants the player rewards for the corresponding hero. Instead of taking a team of three like players normally do, these Challenge Missions are solo affairs, giving players a chance to show off their mastery of individual heroes. Players also have other restrictions that make each challenge a unique puzzle to solve.

Wolverine’s Bone & Claw Challenge Mission gives players a good number of cards to work with right off the bat. While this might give the mission the appearance of being easier, more cards actually mean more options, so it’s a little harder to figure this one out with simple trial and error. Players are given the additional challenge of figuring out how to properly use each of Wolverine’s Chain abilities, ensuring they are spreading the damage appropriately across targets. This can make Wolverine’s challenge a bit tricky for players who aren’t intimately familiar with how his moves work.

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What the Bone & Claw Challenge Requires

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Before players can even attempt Wolverine’s Bone & Claw Challenge, they must first be able to access Challenge Missions through the Armory. The Armory is an upgrade for the Forge that players will need to research and then purchase using credits. To unlock the Armory upgrade, players will first have to complete the level four research mission Forged In Hellfire, which is unlocked after bringing Ghost Rider along for four combat missions.

After purchasing the Armory upgrade, players will then have to max out their friendship level with Wolverine to unlock his Challenge Mission. Easy ways to increase Wolverine’s friendship are to spar with him in the yard and take him on combat missions. After taking Wolverine on missions, he is also more likely to be available to hang out the following night. This allows players an additional chance to increase their friendship with Wolverine through dialogue options and by giving him a gift. Some of the best gifts for Wolverine are a premium MRE snack box or a candle that smells like freshly mowed grass.

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How To Complete the Bone & Claw Challenge

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To complete the Bone & Claw Challenge, players will need to perfectly sequence Wolverine’s attacks to take out all four enemies. It is very important that players start out by using Wolverine’s Lethal Pounce attack. Make sure to use both attacks it grants against a single enemy so that Wolverine gains the Strengthened condition. This will allow him to deal extra damage, which is necessary for completing the challenge. Next, Wolverine should use the Chain Swipes attack with one Chain targeting the enemy he’s already attacked and the other two targeting the enemy nearest to it. This will damage each of them and also apply Taunt.

Next, players should target both undamaged enemies with Wolverine’s two Power Slash attacks. It is important that both enemies are knocked back into the nearby wall for additional damage and that they stay relatively close to one another. Next, players will need to use the Stink of Fear card to Taunt these two enemies as well. The card has a limited area of effect, which is why they need to stay close together after the Power Slashes.

Now that all enemies are Taunted and Wolverine has Counter from Stink of Fear, play Let’s Do This, which will force all Taunted enemies to attack him. Thanks to Counter, Wolverine will deal damage back to the enemies, killing two of the four. The final two enemies can be taken care of using Eviscerate, applying two of the four total attacks to each of them to finish them off.

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What the Player Gets for Completing the Challenge

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When players complete a Midnight Suns Challenge Mission, they receive two rewards for the hero whose mission it was. Players get a Legendary card for that hero’s deck as well as the Midnight Suns combat outfit for them. Wolverine’s Legendary Midnight Special ability is one of his best. It’s an incredible finishing move that damages up to 10 random enemies, depending on how much Heroism the player has stacked up. This can help clear out a lot of weaker enemies or help soften the board up for other heroes to clear.

Wolverine’s Midnight Suns combat outfit itself is a little underwhelming, as it is very similar to his typical yellow outfit. However, it does make one cool addition to his appearance — it makes his claws glow red-hot. This cool effect coupled with the awesome new card players get for completing the Bone & Claw challenge make it more than worth the short time it takes to complete.


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