Build Divide: Code White Episode 9: Will Teruto Be Rescued?

Build Divide: Code White Episode 9 is almost here and we are going to tell you everything about it. Build Divide is not just an anime, it is a very big multimedia project. Created by Aniplex, Yuhodo, Liden Films, Homura Kawamoto, and Hikaru Muno, it consists of a card collection game and an anime series. The collectible card game debuted in October 2021. The animated series also debuted in October 2021 produced by Liden Films.

The first season was called Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black). While the second season is named Build Divide -#FFFFF (Code White). The first season of the show had 12 episodes and ran from October 12, 2021, to December 26, 2021. A total number of 12 episodes aired in the first season. The second season began on April 3, 2022. So far, eight episodes of the second season have aired. The eighth episode aired on May 29, 2022. Now, let’s take a look at the information regarding the next episode of the animated show.

What Is The Story Of Build Divide: Code White?

The city of New Kyoto is ruled by a king. Here, in this world, a strength of a person is assumed seeing his skills in the popular trading card game called Build Divide. Various rumors regarding the city of New Kyoto and the king travel throughout. A person can get any of their wishes fulfilled.

But, there is a catch to it, they have to defeat the king in the Build Divide game. Before one can take on the king head-to-head, one must partake in the TCG battle. This TCG battle, also known as the Rebuild battle has to be participated in by the challenger and the Key should be completed for a person to challenge the king.

A boy named Teruto Kurabe wants to take down the king in Build Divide. He is aided by Sakura Banka, a girl full of mysteries. Sakura helps and guides Teruto at every step as they indulge in the Rebuild battle. With the stage set in New Kyoto, aided by his friends, and motivated by the determination to defeat the king, Teruto enters the battle to be the best.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode starts with Sakura’s flashback. Her sister was supposed to be the next guardian of the king but she fled. Coming to the present, Higuma, who has taken the form of Bio-Token No. 9 continues his fight against Reira. The fight between the two sides is what dominates the whole episode. Make sure to watch this epic fight before watching the 9th episode.

build divide code white episode 9
Higuma from Build Divide: Code White episode 8

With Teruto captured, everyone is doing all they can to rescue him. At the end of the episode, Higuma pulls out the trump card. It is revealed that he has made a clone of Kikka. It is not yet sure if it is a clone or some giant transformed. Higuma overpowers Reira in their battle. But to the fans’ relief, no one got seriously hurt.

Build Divide: Code White Episode 9 Release Date

The ninth episode of Build Divide: Code White will air on June 5, 2022. Build Divide: Code White Episode 9 is titled ‘Live in the Now, Now, Now’. 

Where To Watch Build Divide: Code White Episode 9?

Build Divide: Code White is available for Japanese fans on local TV networks Tokyo MX, GTV, GYT, BS11, TeNY, MBS, AT-X, FBS, TV Shizuoka, STV, Chukyo TV, RSK, RCC, Miyatere.
It is also available on Crunchyroll for premium users. Fans can also go to Funimation to watch the shoe but it is available in some selected regions only.

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