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CG Animation Company Sublimation Establishes New Studio in Sendai

Company’s 4th studio opens on May 9

CG animation studio Sublimation (Shikizakura, Dragon’s Dogma) is establishing a new studio in Sendai in Miyagi prefecture that will open on May 9. The new studio will specialize in modeling. It will start with three employees, but the company hopes to expand to 15 employees in five years. This will be the fourth studio, after the head office in Kunitachi, Tokyo, and the other two in Nagoya.

Although Sublimation opened a studio in Sendai in 2017, it temporarily closed it due to the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). The company aims for more efficient production by establishing a new studio base.

The CG team of Production I.G established Sublimation in 2011. The studio entered into a capital and business alliance with Sunrise in 2018, and entered into a comprehensive business alliance with Netflix in 2019.

Sublimation produced the Shikizakura (pictured right) and Dragon’s Dogma anime. The company also worked on CG animation for the Love Live! franchise and Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway.

Source: Animation Business Journal (Tadashi Sudo)

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