Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19 Release Date: A Murder Case Gets Trickier

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19
Chicago PD Season 9

It looks like the team will have a hard time on Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19 as they try to find out the suspect behind a murder. Meanwhile, the previous episode gave us a look at Jay getting the task of training a new recruit in the police named Dante Torres by taking him along on the operations. While things turned up bad for a shop owner who became the victim of a petty robber.

On the other hand, Jay was trying to get to know Dante a bit more but couldn’t get through to him much as Dante mostly kept to himself. Whereas a gang tattoo on Dante’s hand got Jay to think about whether he had connections to the gangs, especially after hearing about infiltrators in the police academy. Meanwhile, things took a serious turn when a wanted man in an arms robbery case turned out to be someone Dante knew from the past.

The crime drama television flick taking place in the majorly popular “Chicago” franchise of tv shows has managed to keep a steady growth in terms of success since it first came out. While the ongoing season has once again kept the fans hooked and has now got them excited to watch Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19. However, let us first take a look at what went down in the previous episode.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19
A still from Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 18

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 18 Recap

Episode 18 of Chicago PD Season 9 came out on 13th April 2022 and was titled “New Guard”. The episode saw Jay taking in a new recruit named Dante Torres to take him on patrols and teach him how things work out in the real world as a police officer. Soon they responded to a shooting at a store and arrived at the scene where the registrar had been shot and died in front of Dante. Meanwhile, the shooter tried to escape, but Dante eventually caught him in the street, giving Jay enough time to arrest him. Although it looked like a robbery gone wrong, the case turned out to be much bigger since the high-tech gun used by the robber was one of many stolen a while back.

So Jay and Dante went in to interrogate the robber, and Dante impressed Jay when his questions and presence of mind eventually made the robber reveal the seller’s name. Later on, they caught the seller and brought him in too. Voight interrogated him, and he revealed a location where he used to get the guns. Jay went out with Dante, and they came across a man named Bautista who had a truck that was used to move the stock of the stolen guns. In a close encounter and shootout, Bautista managed to escape. Before all of this, the chief had informed Voight, Jay, and Trudy that there were possible infiltrators from gangs in the police academy, and this raised suspicion against Dante as well.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19
Jay Halstead

But Voight told Jay to be careful about it as it could very well be a mistake as well, which might cause Dante to lose his career as a police officer. The same night, Jay followed Dante to see where he lived, but Dante had found out about it and confronted Jay about this. However, Jay straight up told him that he wasn’t able to trust him since he wouldn’t say much and keep to himself. Moreover, he asked Dante whether he leaked the information about the planned raid, which caused Bautista and his men to clear the gun storage vault, but Dante denied it. Moving on, Jay got Anna to get some intel on Dante and learned that Dante put a man in a wheelchair, due to which he had to go to jail when he was 14.

Back on the case, Voight told Jay to send Dante undercover as they needed someone who looked Latino to make a buy of weapons from Bautista. Jay did exactly that, and Dante worked it out. But things went south when Bautista recognized Dante as he knew his stepfather. Turns out it was Dante’s stepfather who ended up in a wheelchair after Dante beat him up. Although, the team barged in and killed Bautista during a shootout. In the end, Dante eventually opened up to Jay telling his side of the story about how his stepfather used to beat his mom, which is why he beat him up in return instead. Moreover, he joined the police force because when he asked for the police’s help to get his stepfather arrested, they didn’t listen.

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Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19: Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19 will release on 20th April 2022 at 10 pm ET on NBC. Furthermore, the episode will be titled “Fool’s Gold” and will see murder in a rich family. However, the case will get trickier by the hour as the team will find it hard to find the murderer.

Watch Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 19 Online – Streaming Details

Chicago PD Season 9 airs every Wednesday on NBC at 10 pm ET in the United States. Additionally, the show is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Youtube TV. Meanwhile, the show airs on Citytv at 10 pm ET every Wednesday in Canada. The show also airs on Sky in the U.K.

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