Chris Hemsworth Turns a Treadmill Into a Killing Machine in Extraction 2’s First Trailer

Chris Hemsworth looking stoic as he clutches to the side of a snow-covered train

The first full trailer for Extraction 2 features Christ Hemsworth’s return as Tyler Rake as he’s tasked with his most dangerous mission yet.

Chris Hemsworth is back as Tyler Rake in an explosive trailer for Extraction 2, Netflix’s latest Russo Brothers-produced action movie.

The trailer sets up Rake’s return to the field after months of recovery following the traumatic and physically taxing events of the first film. The titular task requires Hemsworth’s black ops mercenary to break into what appears a Georgian prison to rescue the battered and bruised family of a crime lord. The footage suggests that while Tyler Rake accepts the job as a means to get back to into action, something about his targets is far more personal than he’s willing to share.


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Beyond the story teases, the Extraction 2 trailer sets up plenty of brutal action as Hemsworth is put through the wringer. Beyond dispensing plenty of thugs with conventional firearms, Tyler Rake incorporates a plethora of more creative techniques, including smashing a goon’s heading into a running treadmill to send his body flying and setting his arm on fire to rain down some extra spicy blows on what appears to be a riot shield.

Extraction 2 once again places Hemsworth in the leading role as he’s directed by returning filmmaker Sam Hargrave, who also helmed the original Netflix production. Both Joe and Anthony Russo serve as producers and the production is based on a script written by Joe Russo.

Extraction 2 hits Netflix on June 16.

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