Classic Batman Villains Who Should Be In DC’s Batman Beyond Comics

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Batman Beyond might be an incredibly popular animated TV show, but this futuristic world has bled into the comics. The comic run has seen Terry McGinnis battle back against many of Batman’s most infamous foes alongside a few original rogues for his own roster. The likes of Joker, Ra’s Al Ghul, and Mr. Freeze have returned in some form in the Batman Beyond landscape.

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However, there are a wider array of foes that stood toe-to-toe with Bruce Wayne that could become perfect antagonists for Batman Beyond himself. Whether they deserve their own reinvention or should return in their most classic form, these villains are just too compelling to leave in the past.



10 Anarky

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The idea of Anarky has always been more powerful than the man behind the mask himself. Anarky has become a symbol for the people of Gotham, at least those disillusioned with the state of things. The Batman foe provided an alternative belief system, one that stemmed from violence and the breakdown of society.

Although Lonnie Machin is the most infamous iteration of the villain, anyone could don the mask and continue the fight. It would be interesting to see this dogmatic character in Batman Beyond’s sights, as future Gotham struggles with the exact same societal conflicts despite years of evolution. To essentially pit Terry against the people is a similar sentiment to the role of the Jokerz.

9 The Eraser

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The Eraser is a classic villain for all the wrong reasons. Appearing in some of the earliest Batman comics, the character has largely become a joke. Wearing an eraser on his head, the character can quite literally remove comic book characters from the page and seemingly out of existence.

In theory, he’s incredibly overpowered, and the Batman Beyond universe is perfect for second chances. In many ways, Terry McGinnis is a much better Batman than Bruce Wayne, but to push him to his limits requires some unexpected foes. The Eraser provides an often unseen and potentially deadly power set and a built-in history with the Bat Family after his many defeats.

8 Mad Hatter

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The Mad Hatter has a lot going for him. For starters, his obsession with Alice In Wonderland has fueled this bizarre persona, the stuff of nightmares for anyone fitting the description of Alice herself. His band of henchmen is grotesque, and his mind-manipulation technology gives him the edge.

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The Batman Beyond comics haven’t shied away from odd villains, and Mad Hatter might take the cake as the weirdest villain in Batman’s gallery. Jervis Tetch was never a physically ferocious foe, but it’s the mind games that he can play with Terry McGinnis that separate him from the pack. Forcing Terry to battle back against the mind control will say a lot about his fortitude.

7 Alice

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It seems appropriate to stick with the Alice In Wonderland theme, and Alice herself has become the infamous arch-nemesis of Batwoman. But Bruce Wayne has teamed with his cousin on numerous occasions to take on the sadistic antagonist. Alice’s complete persona shift speaks to a darkness within the core of the character.

Terry McGinnis is still learning that sometimes he has to help the villains he fights as much as he has to defend against them. Alice provides an interesting conundrum, as she could be reasoned with on some level despite her cruelty. There’s no telling how Alice could have evolved if left unchecked.

6 Solomon Grundy

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One of the harsh realities of watching Batman Beyond is that it doesn’t honor enough of Batman’s underrated villains. Solomon Grundy is an absolute classic foe who never gets the love he deserves. As a hulking brute, Grundy provides a distraction for the world’s greatest detective, who cannot simply outthink the beast.

Solomon Grundy is one of Batman’s toughest physical challenges, and there’s no doubt room to bring this seemingly undead troll into Terry McGinnis’ world. Terry would have to dig deep to overcome those insurmountable odds, with the David versus Goliath narrative speaking to Batman Beyond’s grit and determination.

5 Lady Arkham

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Lady Arkham isn’t a comic book foe, but for those who inhabit the video game world, she’s a modern classic that deserves far more attention. Vicki Vale’s alter ego was introduced as part of Tell Tale’s Batman series, but should absolutely be immortalized on the page.

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With a vicious hatred of Gotham and everything its wealthy elite represents, Lady Arkham has built an underground network of sympathizers who are ready to carry out her terrorist orders. Lady Arkham could easily become a reinvented villain personalized to Terry McGinnis, but still carrying that same backstory and rage. She’d thus oppose everything Terry’s mentor represented.

4 Bat-Mite

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Batman Beyond has already fought against some truly terrifying villains, but Bat-Mite is scary for wholly different reasons. Firstly, the character isn’t a full-on villain, but rather a nuisance. However, he has stood in Batman’s way before, with the super fan getting a little out of control.

The Fifth Dimensional Imp would probably be opposed to Batman Beyond filling the mantle, and there’s immediately a reason for conflict to occur. Terry hasn’t faced anyone with the gifts of Bat-Mite, meaning he’d have to adapt and evolve quickly, just as the former Batman had.

3 Penguin

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The Penguin has left a lasting legacy on Gotham City. The crime lord once controlled huge territories and was one of Batman’s most notorious antagonists. The businessman was cunning and tactically minded, boasting street-smarts that rivaled even Wayne himself.

The foe hasn’t really been brought over to the futuristic Batman Beyond universe, thanks in large part to his age. However, if there was a way to return Penguin to his former glory, he could fill a void in the criminal underworld that would significantly alter the terrain. Terry would be bested on every level, as he’s never had to fight against someone who controls the city to this degree.

2 Lady Shiva

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Batman Beyond has fought with his fair share of smart villains, but a high IQ and battle smarts are two very different things. Lady Shiva encompasses both, but it’s hard to find anything the assassin doesn’t know about physical combat. She would beat Terry McGinnis a million times over before he could land a finishing blow.

Bruce Wayne was always at the limits of his martial arts and gadgetry whenever Lady Shiva was on the scene, and it would take elite training for McGinnis to compare to the veteran. Shiva’s return could easily be heralded by the likes of the Lazarus Pits, promising a parallel to the conflicts Batman Beyond has already had with the League.

1 Two-Face

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Two-Face has become a majorly popular Batman villain. The foe uses a flip of a coin to make every choice, with his opinion changing quite literally on a dime. That unpredictable personality has ensured that Batman cannot plan for Harvey Dent quite in the way he can for over villains.

That also makes him a liability for Batman Beyond, who is still learning the intricacies of what makes a villain tick. In many ways, Two-Face provides an excellent challenge for Terry, who will have to think on his feet to survive when the odds continue to change by the minute. It’s that randomness that could forge an even better vigilante.

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