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Horror movies, despite the anxiety it emits, have a huge fanbase. Albert Sánchez Piñol’s novel, Cold Skin was adapted into a movie by Xavier Gens. Is Cold Skin worth the watch? Definitely. The movie has several eerie scenes that can creep its audience throughout the movie. It has a lot of great things worth looking forward to if you haven’t watched it yet. Cold Skin’s characters are built with a lot of aura of mystery, and the movie is enriched with elements of thrill. It is of French-Spanish origin and was released to the United States by Samuel Goldwyn Films. It premiered in the L’Étrange Festival on 10 September 2017 and then in Spain on 20 October 2017. The Cold Skin ending explained a lot of confusion that the audience had during its 1 hour 48-minute run.

Cold Skin’s eerie setting is everything. The movie brings out a feeling of loneliness that haunts the viewers for a long time. It does not waste time on unnecessary details and jumps to the main events quickly. The plot unveils its main parts with quiet enthusiasm that will instantly keep the audience interested and does not let them move their attention away. Fictional elements are surprisingly believable even if unrealistic in Cold Skin. The overall theme of the movie was interesting, and despite its flaws, Cold Skin is quite an entertaining watch for anyone who likes the horror genre.

Confused about what happened at the end of Cold Skin? Here is the Cold Skin ending explained. 

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The movie is set in 1914, after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Somewhere in Antarctica Circle, a steamship lands on an island. A weather observer has been left here live for a year until a replacement is sent. This nameless man is to live on this isolated island for the following year, but soon he discovers strange, dangerous beings that exist here. Amidst this isolated island surrounded by the sea, two ken must protect themselves from these dangerous beings and survive. Unknown to what these creatures are and what they want, they must find a way to retaliate against these creatures. 

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Cold Skin Ending Explained

The ending of Cold Skin is when Friend and Gruner mutually decide to call the sea creatures.

The plan Friend and Gruner came up with were that they would lure in as many sea creatures as possible into the lighthouse before they can set off the dynamite, which will drive them off eventually. So, Aneris is forced to go to the balcony so that singing could attract these creatures. The creatures attack, but Gruner is incapable of setting off the explosives. This is why Friend runs to the lighthouse top so that he can reconnect the detonator. The blast thereafter kills a lot of sea creatures. Gruner also sets the other set of explosives off, which was placed closer to the lighthouse. He and Friend are knocked unconscious thereafter.

Cold Skin

Cold Skin: 2017 movie.

When morning comes, Gruner takes a bayonet and kills the wounded creatures that have been lying on the beach. After seeing the sea creatures wear a necklace, Gruner mentions that the creatures are more civilized than Gruner thinks them to be. An enraged Gruner then hurls into the sea. He also explains that he found Aneris as a sea creature years ago as a baby and trapped it, believing that she owed him her life. The creatures do not attack the following night, and wailing sounds from the sea reach Friend and Gruner, which the former takes to be mourning. Aneris also disappears. When Gruner is asleep, Friend finds a picture of a young Gruner with his wife.


Friend keeps walking along the beach and leaves behind a present he carved for the creatures. A baby creature was investigating the present, and Aneris also returns but this time with more confidence. However, the moment is broken by a furious Gruner firing a gun. Friend tries explaining to Gruner that the creatures weren’t dangerous.

More creatures appear to show that they want a truce. But, Gruner orders Aneris to return to him. She refuses, to which he screams that nobody leaves Gruner. He runs back to the lighthouse and starts shooting flares at the child. The flares strike the child which kills him. Friend runs towards Gruner as the latter keeps shooting fire flares. After an elaborate fight, Friend throws him to the ground and stabs his leg. Gruner, even then, overpowers Friend and tries to kill him with an axe. But, Friend forces him to remember that he was a meteorologist and he shouldn’t turn into a murderer. Gruner stops from killing, drops the weapon, and heads outside to be killed by the furious sea creatures. 

Cold Skin Ending ExplainedCold Skin Ending Explained

Cold Skin.

After some time, the next ship arrives. However, the captain of the ship mistakes him for Gruner, the lighthouse keeper. Friend doesn’t bother correcting him. Instead, he sticks to the role of finding his final peace in maintaining the pretense of being Gruner.

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