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Comikey Launches Four Comics: “The Princess of Blue Roses,” “Midnight Dogs,” “On a Leash,” and “Evenly Matched Love”

This marks the second series release from Compass Inc. via Comikey. Release comes on the heels of all Shogakukan titles now on the mobile app.

Portland, Oregon (May 27, 2022) — Comikey is pleased to announce the launch of four
new comics available Sunday, May 29, 2022. They are “The Princess of Blue Roses,” (青薔
薇の姫) from Compass Inc., “Midnight Dogs,” independently published, “On a Leash,” from
Soran Books, and “Evenly Matched Love,” from Manhuatau.

Additionally, Comikey has officially released all the Manga ONE titles it localizes on its
mobile app globally! Readers can now enjoy popular titles like Kengan Omega and Völundio
Divergent Sword Saga from their phones, on the go, or from the comfort of their own homes.
Not only that, readers can read 6 chapters PER DAY, PER SERIES for free by simply
logging into the app, and watching ads.

“The Princess of Blue Roses” (青薔薇の姫)
Summary: On the day of her execution, Vyaria wakes up to find time has reversed itself,
making her seven years old again. Thinking of the events of her future, she is truly
traumatized. Her first marriage to King Cain had been a cold and unhappy one. Each time
she made an attempt to get closer to him, she had been faced with rejection, and the sudden
appearance of a girl from another dimension had only increased Cain’s hostility towards
Vyaria. Behind her back, everyone had called her the “Princess of Blue Roses,” after the
flower that symbolizes unattainable wishes.

Knowing she would eventually be sentenced to death by her own husband, Vyaria is terrified
when she is once again united with the young Cain. Is everything going to repeat itself? Is
there really nothing she could do to change the future?

As scared as she is, Vyaria vows to fight against her cruel fate in this second chance at

Art by: Yukiya Kamikawa
Written by: Gorogoromikan
Publisher: Compass Inc.

Midnight Dogs
“We wanted somewhere where we could be at peace. You know, start over.”

In this world, there is an ability known as “channeling”, the capacity to manipulate certain
objects at will. Isaac, Milo, and Rex—three young veterans from the recently finished War of
The Archangels—rent a room in the pawnshop of a certain Serena, located in the suburban
district of Kennel City. They hope to move on from conflicts from their past and start a new
life, regardless of how hard this might be.

By: Rodrigo Alvarez
Publisher: Original Creator
Categories: Action, Fantasy

On a Leash
Tensions run high on the battlefield as soldiers fight through death. Bombs rain from the sky
and bullets pepper the ground. In battle, beasts screech through the sky and tear through
the earth. After the smoke clears, the soldiers return to their human forms weary from battle
and numbed by death. But amid the explosions and chaos, a spark of passion ignites. Time
will tell whether it can survive the horrors of war, or if it will succumb to it.

By: Aji
Publisher: Soran Books
Categories: GL, Animals, Romance

Evenly Matched Love
Magic, mecha, mana, demon foxes, and space travel. There’s a lot that’s unique about Mu
Yunshen’s world. Most interestingly… both women and men can become pregnant. Of
course, Mu Yunshen doesn’t know about this last little detail—yet. After he saves the life of
young master Aslan and spends the night with him, Mu Yunshen ends up with the shock of
his life: twins.

Mu Yunshen escapes to his home world and raises the twins as a single parent. But what
will he do once his former master Aslan finds him and his children once again??

By: Hungry Studio, Měizīzī
Publisher: Manhuatau [Tomansha]Categories: BL, Romance, Fantasy

Comikey first announced the partnership with Compass in July 2021 with the release of “My
Engagement Was Called Off Under False Accusations, but Who Ever Said My Face Was
Ugly Beneath the Mask?”. The Company plans to release new chapters weekly and aims to
catch up with the Japanese release schedule, after which it will switch to a simultaneous
publication schedule.

The Company plans to launch even more titles in the coming weeks. All comics are available
to read on the Company’s website, as well as its mobile app—on both iOS and Android.

About Comikey Media Inc.
Founded in 2020, Comikey Media Inc. is a platform for reading all of your favorite Manga,
Manhua, Manhwa, and Webtoons in English. From action and romance to isekai, discover
new free stories to binge every day! Read simulpub chapters of officially-licensed comics,
plus support creators and publishers by reading your favorite series on Comikey—now
available for download on both iOS and Android.

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