Compound Is an Enaging VR Roguelite for DOOM Fans

Compound gameplay

Compound is a VR shooter with a retro style and graphics that are sure to awe any player, especially fans of classic shooters like Doom.

First-person shooting games take on a whole new level of immersion when they’re formatted for virtual reality. Games like Half-Life: Alyx, Superhot, Boneworks, and even modded versions of Blade and Sorcery all take players straight into an action-packed world that the player gets to star in. It may come as a surprise to learn, however, that an indie VR game is quickly earning similar praise, and it’s modeled after retro pixel video games.

Compound is a new roguelite VR FPS that’s been around for about a year now. In that short amount of time, the game has received many excellent updates that improve the game’s progression system and add to the player’s arsenal. The developer, Bevan McKechnie, isn’t finished yet. Here’s why players are loving Compound.

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Compound’s Graphics Are Incredibly Nostalgic

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Once players strap on their headsets, they need to be prepared for the pixelated 16-bit world that awaits them. Playing Compound should remind anyone of classic shooters like Doom in both game mechanics and visuals. Every level is riddled with this influence while still maintaining its own originality. Colors, for example, seem to pop in every corner of the playing map, keeping players constantly stimulated.

Players will venture through several floors of a corrupt corporate building until finally getting to the roof where the final boss awaits. The visuals change with each respective floor, be it the sewers, warehouse, or science labs. A recent update even added a trophy stand in the lobby that will fill up with dozens of unique mementos, which players earn through specific challenges in each run.

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Compound Is a Challenging Yet Rewarding VR Experience

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The main goal for the player is to stay alive while trying to make it through each and every floor. Fortunately, players will have plenty of help along the way, adding a nice roguelite element and keeping things interesting. Weapons are accessible via small cases along certain walls, or they can sometimes be found simply lying on the ground. Three weapons can be stored at a time, and players can even use one in each hand if they like.

Although Compound‘s weapon arsenal is quite decent and is still expanding, players should never get too cocky. Enemies will begin to get harder and harder by each floor and increase in number. Vending machines, food, and armor can add a layer of protection or restore health, but it can all be lost if caution is thrown to the wind. In order to make it through each and every floor and take out the boss, players will have to preserve their one and only life just like some of the best classic arcade shooters.


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