October 26, 2021

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Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15: Release Date And All To Know (ADD LARGER IMAGE FOR FEATURED IMAGE-done)

Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

In this article, we will cover Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 release date. The C-drama follows the plot as the title suggests. Crime Crackdown (2021) is an ongoing Chinese crime, action, and political drama. It mainly focuses on solving crime cases and overcoming the obstacle to make society corruption-free. It is directed by Wu Bai, starring Sun Hong Lei, Lay Zhang, Liu Yi Jun as main leads. The supporting cast includes Wu Yue, Wang Zhi Fei, Liu Zhi Bing, Wu Xiao Liang, Kevin Tan, etc. The main protagonists of the drama battle against the powerful corrupt government officials. However, the question remains unanswered. Will they really be able to defeat the evil that has been deep-rooted for a decade?

The c-drama Crime Crackdown (2021) is currently airing on various networks. It is adapted from real cases screened by the Freedom CCP Central Political and Legal Committee. Therefore, many scenes may not be watchable as the drama shows real-life incidents without buttering any content. Hence, because of that, many viewers drop the drama in the middle. However, if you are a fan of real-life case solving and enjoy watching crime series, this c-drama would be a perfect match for you. Even with some negative feedback, the c-drama is trying to show the true face of the criminal underworld, which is very intriguing.

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Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 will be released on 20 August 2021 at 8 pm CST on Tencent Video. The drama premiered on 9 August 2021, and it contains 28 episodes in total. So far, 14 episodes have been released. The number of episodes may seem more than expected. However, since each episode runs for 45min, you will be able to complete the drama even before you could notice. The drama airs on six days of the week from Monday to Saturday at 8 pm CST. It also broadcast on BTV CCTV Dragon TV.

Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

Lay Zhang as Lin Hao from Crime Crackdown (2021)

Since the drama airs on BTV CCTV Dragon TV and Tencent Video, viewers can watch it directly on their official website. However, make sure to note that the given streaming sites may not be available in some regions. In that case, you may resort to some unofficial sites like Dramacool or Dramanice, etc. Even though all episodes are uploaded on the sites, unfortunately for international fans, the drama does not have English subtitles yet. As we mentioned, the c-drama also airs on Tencent Video, also known as WeTV, there the c-drama is available with English subtitles for some episodes. Watch the drama and see how our main heroes solve the cases and bring justice to society.

Plot Summary

Crime Crackdown (2021) narrates the story of the Central Anti-Criminal and Evil Supervision Team in Luteng City, Zhongjiang Province. The story revolves around Li Cheng Yang, a police officer, Lin Hao, a young detective, and He Yong, the task force leader. The drama begins with Li Cheng Yang, a frontline police officer, constantly hit by the commands, and it leads to false framed by evil forces. He faces numerous obstacles while working to bring justice and clean corruption. However, his mission gets interrupted by his immediate boss, the Chief of Public Security, and others. They have no choice but to frame him and put him behind the jail cell to prevent his investigation.

Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 Release DateCrime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 Release Date

Crime Crackdown (2021), Chinese Drama

Nonetheless, Li Cheng Yang regains his freedom under the command and leadership of the Chinese political commissar and the Central Supervision Group. He finally begins to move and work together with various Justice Departments and Public Prosecution Departments. Eventually, the team cleans out the two evil groups that have been rooted in Zhongjiang for more than a decade. In the end, the corrupt government officials and criminals saga come to an end, and justice is brought to society. That leads to establishing a clean political ecology in Zhongjiang and providing a fair and social environment to people.

The cast of Crime Crackdown (2021)

The drama casts Sun Hong Lei as Li Cheng Yang, the frontline police officer; Lay Zhang as Lin Hao, the young detective and Liu Yi Jun as He Yong, who is the leader of the task force. It also starred Wu Yue as He Yun, Wang Zhi Fei as Giao Ming Yuan, Liu Zhi Bing as Luo Shan He, Wu Xiao Liang as Sun Xing, etc. Even though the drama has not gained much international following yet, it will be worth watching if you truly enjoy crime series. So far, 14 episodes are released, and the drama has portrayed an excellent storyline. Hopefully, it will keep it that way till the end. Hence, watch the upcoming episode of Crime Crackdown (2021) Episode 15 to know how will the trio of justice fight evils and return peace to society.

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