Critical Role Grandma’s Human Skin Collection Creates a Nightmare Fairytale

Critical Role Campaign 3 Ashley Johnson Fearne Calloway

Bells Hells gain a further understanding of Fearne Calloway’s eccentricities as Grandma Morri takes them on an eye-opening tour of Ligament Manor.

This article contains major spoilers for Critical Role, Campaign 3, Episode 46.

In Critical Role’s most recent episode, Bell Hell’s resident Fey creature Fearne Calloway introduced the party to the two faces of her hag grandmother Morrigan at Ligament Manor, the nightmarish fairytale cottage where she was raised.

Critical Role Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer described and played Nana Morri as a massive and uncanny creature housing a second face in her stomach. Morri and “Tummy Nana” had two unique voices and mannerisms to which the party had to adjust. The character’s unique design and terrifying nature captured the imaginations of Critical Role’s vast fanart community. The episode continued to supply fodder for fan reactions with the details of Ligament Manor and a gentle moment between Imogen and Laudna.

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Grandma Morri’s Nightmarish House

Mercer and Fearne player Ashley Johnson confirmed that they built the tapestry of Grandma Morri’s unique environment collaboratively, with Johnson’s real mother making an intricate set piece of Ligament Manor. After Grandma Morri, known as the Fatestitcher to denizens of the Fey Realm, extended her hospitality with cocktails and personal anecdotes, Fearne gave her friends a tour of the property. Fearne’s bedroom was decorated with various stitched and painted skins and a collection of dead creatures lining the ceiling. She likewise showed Bells Hells the garden and a room that housed Grandma Morri’s personal “collection.”

The literally two-faced hag housed a macabre collection of oddities in Ligament Manor, which helped explain her granddaughters’ penchant for petty thievery. The Bells Hells presented Morri with a magical face-replicating statue to add to her collection as a thank-you for her generosity and help in leading them to the Fey Realm’s key, an essential step in their journey to preventing a Calamity-level event on Exandria. The statue could not quite capture Morri’s unique presence, but it delighted her nonetheless.

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The tour of Ligament Manor featured appearances from living creatures alongside the various skins and taxidermies. Peepers, an eyeless rabbit creature with a wobbly smile, and Sweet Pea, a talking Sun Bear, made appearances during the Bells Hells comprehensive tour. Laudna even had an opportunity to introduce Grandma Morri to Pâté De Rolo, her undead rat companion.

Though most of the episode’s events occurred at Grandma Morri’s morbid estate, a dream sequence briefly interrupted the fairytale. The location of the second key the Bell Hells need to track down before the Apogee Solstice was unveiled to Imogen in a dream that once more featured her mother, Liliana. During this dream, Imogen expressed her desire to hold Laudna’s hand as she had been before falling asleep. The popularity of Imogen and Laudna as a romantic pairing made it a bit moment for fans reacting to the episode live on social media.

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