Critical Role’s Candela Obscura Uses Its Illuminated Worlds System

Critical Role's Candela Obscura Cast Photo.

Critical Role announced the first of its spinoffs to showcase one of its original TTRPG systems, Illuminated Worlds, with the upcoming series Candela Obscura.

According to the press release, Candela Obscura is a new TTRPG from Darrington Press employing the game mechanics built in Illuminated Worlds. Main cast member Taliesin Jaffe joined and Chris Lockey to create Candela Obscura, with lead designers and writers Spenser Starke and Rowan Hall. Steve Failows and Maxwell James produced. The monthly episodes will premiere on the last Thursday of every month when Critical Role‘s primary campaign takes a break. Critical Role‘s Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer will narrate the first chapter of Candela Obscura, which launches on May 25 at 7 PM PT.


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Critical Role‘s press release for Candela Obscura described it as “an ongoing monthly horror drama that follows an esoteric order of investigators as they use centuries of knowledge to fight back a mysterious source of corruption and bleed. At the beginning of each episode, an inciting incident occurs, prompting a team, or circle, of investigators to uncover and solve the mystery at hand and the series was designed so that viewers and listeners can pick up at any point.”

Cast members for Candela Obscura include main Critical Role players Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson. Previous Critical Role guest stars will join them at the table, including Robbie Daymond and Anjali Bhimanim, both of whom appeared in the spinoff Exandria Unlimited with the Crown Keepers. While Mercer will narrate the first of the chapters for Candela Obscura, it remains unclear who will step into the seat after. Candela Obscura‘s first arc begins with three standalone episodes.

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Critical Role’s Candela Obscura Uses the Illuminated Worlds System

Candela Obscura marks the first time Critical Role has used one of its announced Dungeons & Dragons alternatives. The first, Illuminated Worlds, is a D6-based system best used for shorter arcs emphasizing story and character progression. Illuminated Worlds, spearheaded by Stras Acimovic and Layla Adelman, was described in the initial announcement for it as best used for “compelling, arc-driven stories in a wide variety of settings and genres.”

Previously, Mercer and Marisha Ray, another Critical Role cast member, had described their interest in creating an original TTRPG system for Critical Role. “Man, that would be rad,” Mercer said. “I mean, if ever the opportunity were to arise with the right people and the right design and it made sense for the type of show we were doing, I would love that.”

Critical Role‘s Candela Obscura premieres on May 25 at 7 PM PT, with new episodes on the last Thursday of every month.

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