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Cross Infinite World Licenses Return from Death Light Novel

Cross Infinite World announced on Tuesday that it has licensed Eiko Mutsuhana‘s Return from Death: I Kicked the Bucket and Now I’m Back at Square One With a Boyfriend Who Doesn’t Remember Me (Shinimodori no Mahō Gakkō Seikatsu o, Moto Koibito to Prologue kara (Tadashi Kōkando wa Zero)) novel. It will release the novel digitally worldwide on September 30, with new cover art by Hiyori Asahikawa.

Cross Infinite World describes the novel:

Life seemed perfect for Oriana after she started dating Vincent in the winter of her fifth year at the academy. Little did she know, her beloved would soon die under suspicious circumstances. Before she can process anything, she wakes up to find herself back in her seven-year-old body with no idea how she died. When she finally returns to the magic academy in hopes of reuniting with her boyfriend, she finds out Vincent has no memory of her! Now she’s back at square one. Can Oriana navigate this second chance at life and change the course of Vincent’s fate? Making her crush work out really is a matter of life and death!

Mutsuhana began serializing the story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in October 2020, and ended it in January. Earth Star Entertainment published the novel in print on June 16, with art by Yugiri Aika. The novel has a manga adaptation planned.

Cross Infinite World previously published Mutsuhana’s Hello, I am a Witch and my Crush Wants me to Make a Love Potion! (Dōmo, Suki na Hito ni Horigusuri o Irai Sareta Majo desu.) light novel series.

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