Crunchyroll Is Going To Be A Fully Paid Service

Crunchyroll Is Going To Be A Fully Paid Service

Crunchyroll is going to be a fully paid service very soon. The anime streaming website, which avails the service to stream a lot of anime series, has come up with some amendments to its service policies. The site has remained in the industry for quite a long while. It is one of those go-to platforms which offers anime in good quality officially. However, after so long, the website has decided to come up with some slight changes in its policies. These policy changes are not very happening for every person who uses the website on a daily basis. Previously, the platform used to provide ad-supported streaming for the newly released Episodes.

People didn’t need a premium subscription to watch the simulcasts, but now things have changed a lot. Not to mention that real otakus who like to watch anime on Crunchyroll will do anything for it. The site has come up with this amendment for 2022, which is going to get into action soon. Since these changes are made permanent, we cannot do anything but follow them. So, in case you get any confusion regarding this, make sure you read this blog thoroughly.

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About Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a leading anime streaming website. It is an American publisher, distributor, production, and listening company for Japanese anime only. It was founded on 15th Mary 2006, and now it has successfully stood hard and strong in the industry for 15 years. Its founders include Kun Gao, James Lin, Brandon Oo, and Vu Nguyen. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California. Currently, the website has 120 million users, among which 5 million are paying for its services. These stats are very bad from a website point of view, but these might change after recent amendments.

Crunchyroll offers a number of 1000+ anime, and these numbers keep on increasing upon the release of new shows. Other than these, it also provides more than 200 East Asian dramas, 80+ mangas that come under Crunchyroll mangas. The company also have some subdivisions that are known as Crunchyroll EMEA, Crunchyroll Games, LLC, Crunchyroll Studios, and VRV. So, if you were unaware of the firm until now, then now you can make it your favorite anime streaming website.

crunchyroll policy changecrunchyroll policy change

Crunchyroll Is Going To Be A Fully Paid Service

Stepping into a new year comes up with some great changes that can be good for some but bad for others. However, when you are a large-scale company, you have to stick with the changes and adapt to them. One such policy change Crunchyroll brought hit the users with a surprise. It was announced on Friday, 25th March 2022, that Crunchyroll is going to be a fully paid service. Initially, the site was providing the facility to stream the new episodes of an anime on an ad su[pported basis. You didn’t need to pay extra to watch the new episodes of anime that were being broadcasted on a regular basis. However, now starting from Spring 2022, you will need to have a premium subscription.

Details of Policy Change

Crunchyroll first made the users and fans of some particular anime excited by introducing the Spring 2022 lineup. But now, it has already introduced the policy change. I must say this is a nice strategy by the firm. Previously the new episodes of a program were delayed by a week from the actual release in Japan in order to provide it for free users. As for subscribers, they were provided with a service to watch it within an hour of release in Japan. Many people were happy with this, but now the free users not only need to buy the subscription, but the subscribers also have to get a premium plan. They will need to upgrade it with Crunchyroll’s premium plan, which starts at $7.99/month.

crunchyroll going fully paidcrunchyroll going fully paid
Crunchyroll going fully paid

However, the site has also introduced a “seasonal sampler” that will let to make a selection among the lineups for Spring 2022—using that you can choose a simulcast spring 2022 lineup such as “Spy X Family,” “A Couple of Cuckoos”, “Tomodachi Game”, “The Dawn of the Witch” and others. In this free sampler, you can access the first three episodes of the series. This has a duration of only a week up till 31st May. It is still not clear whether the site will be continuing the service of “Seasonal Sampler,” but whenever an update is out, we will let you know.

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