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Takt Op. Destiny English Dub CAst

Takt Op Destiny has been one of the most loved anime of 2021, as fans wait for its English dub. It not only introduces us to interesting characters but also takes us to an intriguing futuristic and dystopian world. The anime has been given high praise for its animation and storyline. Not only this, but the anime came out as a promotion for a game created by Game Studio, which will be coming out in 2022. The game is named “Takt Op. Unmei wa Akaki Senritsu no Machi o,” and the anime is heavily based on the gameplay. Recently, Crunchyroll announced the Takt Op. Destiny English Dub cast and crew.

Takt Op. Destiny was the creation of Bandai Namco Studio and DeNa Co. Ltd. The production of the anime was taken up by a collaboration between two famous studios, Madhouse and MAPPA. The series was directed by Yuki Ito and scripted by Kiyoko Yoshimura. Takt Op. Destiny’s first episode aired on the 6th of October 2021 and went on for 12 episodes that ended on the 22nd of December 2021.

Takt Op. Destiny English Dub Cast And Crew

Voice actors are not only tasked with giving a character voice but also portraying their characters’ emotions through the tone of their voice. It is given that the Japanese cast of Takt Op. Destiny did a great job of portraying their assigned characters. This time, the Takt Op. Destiny English Dub’s voice acting cast looks good so far. The main character of the series will be voiced by Ernesto Jason Liebrecht. He has previously voiced many anime characters, including some main characters. Ernesto Jason Liebrecht is best known for providing his voice to the characters Dabi from My Hero Academia, Vulcan Joseph from Fire Force, Yato from Noragami, and Zeke Yeager/Beast Titan from Attack on Titan.

Takt Op. Destiny English DubTakt Op. Destiny English Dub
Crunchyroll Reveals the English Dub Cast for Takt Op. Destiny who includes Emi Lo and Alexis Tipton

The second main character of the series, Destiny, will be voiced by Emi Lo. Emi Lo has previously voiced many anime characters too. Not only this, but she is also a cosplayer, musician as well as an Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Director. She is best known for voicing the character Suma from Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc. The Takt Op. Destiny English Dub voice actress for the third main character Anna Schneider will be Alexis Tipton. Like her Co-star, Alexis Tipton has previously voiced many famous main characters. She is best known for voicing Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya-Sama: love is War. Her other roles include Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown and Sister Iris from Fire Force.

Additional Voice Acting Cast Members

The secondary voice acting cast includes the voice actors Mallorie Rodak, Sara Ragsdale, Sarah Wiedenheft, Jordan Cruz, Jim Johnson, Caitlin Glass, Mai Alex, Shawn Gann, Tarsha Nazeeh, and Kevin Thelwell. From these, Mallorie Rodak, Sara Ragsdale and Sarah Weidenheft have already made their debut as the cast of the Takt Op. English Dub in Episode 1, along with the main characters.

Crew Members

The people who work behind the scenes for any anime are equally important as those working on the frontline. The Takt Op. Destiny English Dub crew consists of some of the most talented members who have previously worked on other big projects. The main Automated Dialogue Replacement Director position is taken up by Caitlin Glass. Assisting her is Emi Lo. Eliza Harris and Ben Phillips are working on the scripts for the English Dub, with Bonny Clinkenbeard supervising it. Lastly, leading the ADR Engineering team is Zachary Davis.

Takt Op. Destiny English DubTakt Op. Destiny English Dub
Takt and Destiny/Cosette

Takt Op Destiny English Dub Is Now Available on Crunchyroll

The Takt Op Destiny English Dub anime released its first episode on the 23rd of April 2022. Thus, this anime’s English Dub episodes will be streamed every Saturday on Crunchyroll.


Takt Op. Destiny tells us the story of a world where music isn’t allowed. This is because it attracts monster-like creatures called “D2” that cause major harm if they hear music. However, these creatures can be destroyed by Musicarts and their Conductors. Each Musicart is assigned to a Conductor that fights together to kill the creatures and protect the civilians. Takt, the main protagonist, is a Conductor of the Musicart Destiny. Destiny, however, used to be a girl called Cosette before her death turned her into a Musicart. Together with Cosette’s sister Anna Schneider, they travel to New York to find a cure to turn them into normal humans like before.

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