Cult of the Lamb’s Free Update Fixes the Game’s Biggest Issues

The Cult Leader giving a sermon in Cult Of The Lamb

The indie roguelike Cult of the Lamb was released in August 2022 to positive reviews. Its spooky environments, unique dungeon layouts, and mechanics were particularly lauded, as was its premise. However, it was criticized for its low re-playability factor and, despite its ever-changing dungeon maps, the fact it grew stale after around 15 hours of gameplay. Cult of the Lamb certainly fulfilled many expectations at launch, but its long-term viability was not ideal.


The recent Relics of the Old Faith update has changed that by adding an incredible amount of content to the game. The free update is split between new features for combat and the cultist’s camp, with a few additional quality-of-life and accessibility improvements. Because of this, now is a perfect time to either re-visit the title or delve into it for the first time.

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Relics of the Old Faith Adds Unique Gameplay & Combat Options

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The title of the update certainly does not lie, as it adds 37 new “Relics,” items with varying powers found throughout the game. Relics add a new twist to combat and, depending on the rarity, are either found during Crusades or purchased. Chemach, a new Character, deals in Relics, or players can find them in newly-added dungeon rooms.

In addition to Relics, all Weapons now have additional types of attack, and the Lamb can preach new Sermons, giving buffs to combat. Cult of the Lamb‘s darker story elements were praised on release, but there was little post-game plot, so the update’s inclusion of new quests, Crusades, and a post-game storyline is a very welcome addition to try these new buffs out on.

Furthermore, there are 16 new mini-bosses and six new Enemy types that can be found in dungeons, alongside seven Tarot Cards to collect and aid in the fights. Players can also now re-fight the Old God bosses, including the game’s final boss. Five new Fleeces aid in this venture, as well as in the new “Purgatory” mode, where players fight through increasingly longer and more dangerous dungeons for rewards. To capture evidence of these newly difficult victories, there’s now a comprehensive Photo Mode that allows players a free range of motion, editing features to perfect any picture they take, and 88 new Stickers to further enhance photos.

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The Free Update Adds to the Cult’s Camp

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Combat and dungeons aren’t the only aspect of Cult of the Lamb to benefit from the update, as there are now several new features for players to add to the Cult’s camp. There are 24 new Follower forms that can to join the Cult, alongside two Twitch Follower forms. Players should note that Twitch Followers are only obtainable as Twitch Drops and currently only for those playing via Steam.

The mysterious figure ???’s shop now has six new Necklaces for the Cult’s followers. There are also four new Buildings available to add to the Camp that ease the flow of gameplay: Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Morgue. The update also adds “Forgotten Commandment Stones,” which can be used to unlock previously abandoned Doctrines. This feature adds a new and interesting dimension for players who want to change things up during their run.

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Cult of the Lamb Has New Accessibility Features

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In addition to all the new gameplay content, Cult of the Lamb‘s latest update adds accessibility features. There’s a new font option to aid players with dyslexia, though it’s currently only available for English text. Players can also toggle bold and italic text and set it to high contrast for an easier reading experience. There is also now an option to change the Roman numerals to Arabic numerals for easier reference.

For light-sensitive players, lighting effects are now optional, all flashing lights are improved, and the main menu has a new “dark mode.” The full-screen blue “build mode” filter used when constructing buildings can be similarly switched off. Finally, while on a Crusade, there is now the option to temporarily freeze time to make gameplay easier.

Relics of the Old Faith is a pleasant surprise as both an excellent improvement on an already fun game and a substantial content update for no additional costs. It adds enough to get veteran players interested while also enticing newcomers to check it out and experience its unique, fun, and chaotic gameplay. The accessibility features make it welcoming for even more players who may otherwise have been unable to play. At launch, many fans felt Cult of the Lamb just barely missed perfection, but this free update is addressing those criticisms to make the game even better than it already was.


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