Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Episode 12: Release Date & Recap

Dark Moon The Blood Altar Episode 12

As the previous chapter left us on a twist, fans are eagerly waiting for ENHYPEN Webtoon’ Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 12. Things are getting strange as the vampires are looking for Sooha. Spending the day at The Square with Shion, Sooha ended up getting kidnapped by a vampire. And just as a vampire was about to attack her in the dark alley, Shion came to her rescue. But as he was asking her if she was okay, the vampire rose up again, ready to attack them. As the vampire took Shion down, Sooha had no other way but to attack the vampire herself.

As she was about to punch the vampire, another punch came by her, taking the vampire down. Looking behind, she saw the hand belonged to Jaan. Before she could process things, Jakah picked her up and took her to the side. For a moment, Sooha did feel like she was a princess, and Jakah was a prince who came to save her. As Jaan asked the two if they were alright, the vampire rose up again. The boys were shocked as they wondered how they were able to go out in the daylight in such crowded places.

ENHYPEN Webtoon Episode 12ENHYPEN Webtoon Episode 12
A still from ENHYPEN Webtoon ‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’

‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Recap

The vampire rose up once again, asking the boys to hand Sooha to them. Panicking all of a sudden, the guys wondered if everything was planned. Realizing that the vampires were after Sooha, the boys took the positions and went on to guard her. But all of a sudden, the whole alley was surrounded by dozens of vampires. All of them were covered with dark clothes and beaming red eyes. They were ready to attack Sooha. Telling Jakah to take Sooha with him to a busy street, Jaan got ready to fight. With the vampires jumping at them, Jakah got out of the alley at the moment.

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With Sooha in his arms, Jakah ran as fast as he could. Not understanding what was happening or where she was, Sooha wondered if he had teleported her. Thinking about how he appeared all of a sudden to save her just like before, she also wanted to know it was possible. But with speed Jakah was running, it didn’t take long for her to feel dizzy. Asking him to stop for a moment, she told him that she felt nauseous. On the other side, the other guys were taking care of the vampires, burning them to the ground and asking them who sent them. But in the end, there was no point in asking the dead beings.

ENHYPEN Webtoon Episode 12ENHYPEN Webtoon Episode 12
A still from ENHYPEN Webtoon ‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’

‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 12 Release Date & What To Expect?

ENHYPEN Webtoon’ Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 12 will release on April 3, 2022. Taking all the vampires down, Solon asked Shion how he could leave Sooha alone like that. Telling him to stop scolding him, Jiwoo pointed out that it was not his fault. None of them had any idea that Sooha would get attacked by a bunch of vampires. And this definitely wasn’t a coincidence. As the guys talked, Sooha, on the other side, vomited everything out while Jakah comforted her. Getting some fresh air, she went on to thank him for saving her once again. But as she asked him how did he know where she was, she saw something familiar behind him.

Behind Jakah stood Chris, Sooha’s best friend from childhood. But the twist is that Chris was killed by a vampire when he was a child. So how did he come alive? As the fans remember, Chris’s dead body had a stake shoved into his heart. With the vampires on the lookout for her and Chris coming back, troubles for Sooha are rising every day.

Where To Read ‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 12?

‘Dark Moon: The Blood Altar’ Episode 12 will be available to read on Naver Webtoon.

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