Darkest My Hero Academia Episodes

Katsuki Bakugo exclaiming about his guilt; Eri cowering and terrified from My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia has been an anime staple since its debut in 2016. The inspiring tale of the once Quirkless Izuku Midoriya becoming one of the greatest heroes ever touches audiences around the world. However, as the show goes on, the heroes face increasingly dangerous challenges, which introduces darker storylines to the franchise.

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Although the newest season of My Hero Academia is darker than the rest, earlier seasons are not immune to having bleak episodes. The show may focus mostly on heroes coming into their own, yet there have been many unsettling and disturbing episodes from this otherwise uplifting anime. Even so, without them, the happier storylines would not shine as brightly.

This article contains mentions of child abuse. Reader discretion is advised.



10 “My Hero”

Season 3, Episode 4

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“My Hero” shows the U.A. Students fighting the League of Villains after they invade their summer training camp. With the students and villains spread throughout the woods, small skirmishes begin everywhere. Yet, young Kota Izumi is unaware of the fighting until the villain Muscular appears – eager to finish what he started when he killed Kota’s parents so many years ago.

Just as Muscular is about to attack, Izuku Midoriya swoops in and blocks him. Faced with insurmountable odds, Midoriya holds his own against Muscular and defeats the scoundrel. Though Midoriya is victorious in the end, the episode takes a dark turn for a moment when Midoriya believes he will die saving Kota and apologies to All Might and his mother while tearing his body apart. Kota is so scared and grateful to Midoriya that he finally realizes why heroes exist.

9 “Deku Vs. Kacchan, Part 2”

Season 3, Episode 23

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“Deku vs. Kacchan Part 2” shows Katsuki Bakugo and Midoriya facing off once more. Having recently seen All Might’s last fight, Bakugo is confused and hurt that his idol would choose to mentor someone Quirkless like Midoriya. The two boys fight their hardest to prove who is the best.

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The true emotional moment – and the darkest part – comes when Bakugo gives a guilt-ridden speech about how he feels responsible for All Might’s downfall. He is wrong in this assumption, but it was still heartbreaking to see Bakugo so upset over the thought that he caused All Might to leave Hero Work.

8 “Hero Killer: Stain Vs U.A. Students”

Season 2, Episode 16

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“Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. Students” finds Midoriya, Tenya Iida, and Shoto Todoroki facing off against the villain Stain. Though they are not outnumbered, they are outmatched – especially since Stain’s Quirk paralyzes his victims. Yet, the boys fight nevertheless, giving their all to stopping the villain and saving Iida – despite his protests.

In the scuffle, the boys all fall victim to Stain’s blood Quirk, but still manage to fight back. This episode shows the height of their battle with Stain and depicts how desperate Iida is for revenge. Seeing the malice of a murderer added to Iida’s shame and hatred makes this episode one of the darker moments in My Hero Academia.

7 “Katsuki Bakugo: Rising”

Season 6, Episode 9

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“Katsuki Bakugo: Rising” is a bit of a flashback episode while the battle between Shiguraki and Midoriya rages. As they fight, Bakugo thinks back on a conversation he had with All Might about how Midoriya only thinks about others before himself. All Might assures Bakugo that he is growing in his own way and is helping Midoriya as penance.

When the episode flashes back to the fight, Shiguraki shoots out All For One’s Rivet Stab Quirk at Midoriya. Midoriya avoids the attack thanks to Bakugo – who pushes Midoriya out of the way of the dangerous black and red appendages and is directly impaled in the abdomen. Bakugo survives this attack, but showing such a deadly assault on a teenage student was both disturbing and heartbreaking as Bakugo finally returned the favor.

6 “Fighting Fate”

Season 4, Episode 4

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“Fighting Fate” finds Midoriya out on patrol for the Nighteye agency with his new partner, Mirio Togata. As an upperclassman, Mirio tells Midoriya all about the ins and outs of doing real Hero Work when suddenly, a frightened little girl covered in bandages runs into Midoriya. Fans later know her as Eri.

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The terror that crosses both Eri and Midoriya’s faces when Overhaul emerges from the alleyway is tangible. Careful not to arouse suspicion, Mirio and Midoriya try to talk politely with Overhaul and pretend to believe him when he says Eri is only upset because she was just scolded. The pain of this episode is so sickening because the boys know that Eri is in danger, yet they are, as yet, powerless to do anything for her without risking their ultimate mission.

5 “Bright Future”

Season 4, Episode 14

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“Bright Future” is the first My Hero Academia episode to show a major character’s death. Having bravely battled against the Shie Hassaikai, the teachers and students gather at the hospital where Mirai Sasaki, Sir Nighteye, is barely conscious. With his protégé, Mirio, at his side, Nighteye talks about how happy he is knowing that his visions do not always come true.

Nighteye gives a tearful goodbye to those present – especially to Mirio who he expects will go on to do great things despite the loss of his Quirk. With a final breath, Nighteye passes away, and Mirio finally lets his ever-present smile leave his face.

4 “One For All”

Season 3, Episode 11

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“One For All” depicts the culminating battle between All Might and his arch nemesis, All For One. The two men battle fiercely – each one using more of their power until All Might finally emerges as the victor. With one final flourish, All Might lifts a finger to point, presumably, at Midoriya as the world sees the end of their Symbol of Peace.

This episode is so poignant because it signifies the end of the security that the greater world felt with All Might on patrol. Though crowds around the nation cry tears of joy, and take All Might’s “you’re next” statement as a warning for the next villain, Midoriya knows it means that he “used up everything in [him]” and it is now Midoriya’s turn to take over. All Might’s final salute says everything about Japan’s uncertain future. The Symbol of Peace is gone, and there’s seemingly no one yet to take his place.

3 “One’s Justice”

Season 6, Episode 3

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“One’s Justice” shows a hero take a life for the first time. Hawks and Twice confront each other after the Heroes’ raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front begins. Since Hawks was acting as a double agent, Twice realizes that he has been betrayed once again by someone he trusted.

Dabi eventually enters the fray – mostly trying to kill Hawks. Yet, when Twice thinks he is away from the flames and feathers, Hawks makes the killing blow. When Twice is distracted, Hawks stabs him in the back with one of his feathers. It was a tragic and brutal scene that was the first signal of further violence to come.

2 “More Of A Hero Than Anyone”

Season 5, Episode 19

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“More of a Hero Than Anyone” is a rare look into two Pro Heroes’ pasts. Having been unsuccessful in getting the villain Kurogiri to talk, the guards at Tartarus decide to take drastic measures. As fans later learn, Kurogiri is a Nomu himself made from the body of Aizawa and Present Mic’s deceased friend, Oburo Shirakumo.

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Aizawa and Present Mic are asked to speak with Kurogiri to see if they can get a reaction out of him. Yet, the more they talk about their pasts, the more old emotions come to the surface causing the two to relive the pain of losing their friend. The entire episode is extremely tense as Aizawa and Present Mic deal with the horror that their friend has yet to rest in peace.

1 “Tomura Shiguraki: Origin”

Season 5, Episode 24

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“Tomura Shiguraki: Origin” recalls Tomura Shiguraki’s past. Tenko Shimura was a sickly boy whose only dream was to become a hero. Unfortunately, his abusive father despised heroes, and punished Tomura and his sister, Hana, if they even spoke about them. Things came to a head in this regard when Hana blamed Tenko for finding a picture of their Pro Hero grandmother, Nana Shimura.

After this,Tenko is once again thrown outside by his abusive father as punishment. However, it is at that moment that Tenko’s terrifying Quirk emerged. When Tenko touched his dog, it decayed leaving its blood and pieces of its flesh behind. Filled with fear and anguish, Tenko ran toward his family, but everything and everyone he touched disintegrated as well. The Shimura family massacre is one of the bloodiest and darkest episodes and shows just how far Shiguraki has come.

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