Dawn Of The Witch Episode 6 Release Date: Magic Limitations Have Been Uplifted

Dawn of the witch episode 6

Technically, The Dawn of the Witch is a sequel. While not a direct sequel, the anime follows the events of Grimoire of Zero in 2017. Although Zero is mentioned a few times in the first three episodes, it isn’t until Episode 4 that we discover more about her new role. Now fans await the release of Dawn of the Witch Episode 6. Instead of following a formidable mercenary and mage on their trip, we get to follow yet another anime amnesiac and his rowdy band of comrades. The anime is set in a fantasy world where witches and the Church, who have been at odds for years, have reached an understanding.

Saybil, the protagonist and aforementioned amnesiac student at the Royal Academy of Magic, is the focus of the plot. As part of a special training program, he’s entrusted with going on a mission with his new instructor, Witch of the Dawn Roux Cristasse, and his fellow trainees Holtz and Kidd. The gang immediately bonds after going through many ordeals together, some more hilarious than others, in the three episodes that have been released thus far.

An anime television series adaptation was announced in April 2021. It’s produced by Tezuka Productions and directed by Satoshi Kuwabara, who also wrote the scripts for the series. The original writer, Kakeru Kobashiri, and Mayumi Morita, are credited with the literature, while Reina Iwasaki is responsible for the character designs.

Saybil, Dawn of The Witch

Dawn Of The Witch Episode 5 Recap

Before episode 4, Saybil was visited by a mystery woman who resembled Zero, and all of his memories were taken from him. As a result, he underperformed at school and was taken to the headmaster’s office, where he was discovered to be none other than an adult Albus, Zero’s close friend from the original series. Albus sends Saybil, along with two other students, Hort and Kudo, to another town to be mentored by a more powerful sorcerer, rumored to be Zero herself, in order to further enhance his magical abilities. They are guided to the new village by Loux Krystas, the Dawn Witch, despite the fact that she was not chosen by Albus.

As The Dawn of the Witch continued, it was discovered that Saybil possesses latent abilities that render him immortal when he comes into contact with Loux Krystas’ strong Staff of Ludens. Loux took this to suggest that his magical abilities are greater than hers, implying that he is a powerful mage’s descendant. When compared to his past experience with the mysterious witch who took his memories, this appears to indicate that he and Zero have a blood connection. The fact that he has the same eyes as Zero and a physical look identical to her brother Thirteen is the biggest hint.

Hort, Dawn of The Witch

Kudo meets a bear monster in Episode 5 who claims to have murdered and eaten Hort. It enrages Kudo, and we can see his rage flare up as he begins to change the color of his scale. This did not surprise the monster, who appreciated it since he wanted to test how far Kudo would go to save his friend. Kudo undoubtedly used his magical abilities and performed spells to dispatch the creature. This was due to his close relationship with Hort.

Professor Los and Saybil were still searching for Hort in the cave. They had no idea, however, that the father was behind it all. Hort appeared to be alive and captive somewhere, despite the fact that what he did to her remains unknown. Apart from that, the father pulled Saybil and Professor Loux into a chamber and locked them up in Episode 4. Furthermore, in Episode 5, Saybil is manipulated by the mysterious witch to think that everything bad happening to everyone is happening because of him, but he soon realizes that he does not need the memory of the mysterious witch anymore after being inspired by the thought of all of his companions.

Dawn of the witch episode 6Dawn of the witch episode 6
Dawn of The Witch Episode 5

The seemingly unconscious Loux suddenly kisses Saybil to absorb his powers to face off with the mysterious witch. After the mysterious witch is revealed to be Zero, the creator of the Grimoire of Zero, Saybil is told that he was just being tested, and from now on, Zero will be one of his mentors, and Hort, Kudo, and everyone was safe from the beginning itself.

Later, when the crew is celebrating, they get a message from the academy saying that all their magic limitations have been uplifted.

Dawn Of The Witch Episode 6 Release Date

Dawn of The Witch Episode 6 will release on May 13, 2022. The Episode is set to be titled  “Knowledge of Ignorance”.

Watch Dawn Of The Witch Episode 6 Online – Streaming Details

As part of Crunchyroll’s simulcast service of the biggest anime shows of spring 2022, The Dawn of the Witch is available with English subtitles. Meanwhile, The Dawn of the Witch is available in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian subtitles for Asian territories on Muse Asia and Bilibili TV.

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