D&D Beyond Denies Price Hike and Homebrew Ban Rumors

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D&D Beyond addresses three popular rumors that have begun to circulate about the service in the midst of Wizards of the Coast’s ongoing OGL drama.

The continued backlash from Wizards of the Coast’s proposed updates to the Dungeons & Dragons Open Gaming License put D&D Beyond on the defensive as it took to social media to deny rumors that ranged from the introduction of Artificial Intelligence Dungeon Masters to the banning of homebrewing.

In a Twitter thread, the online Dungeons & Dragons resource D&D Beyond wrote, “we’ve seen misinformation popping up, and want to address it directly so we can dispel your concerns.” The primary rumor the thread addressed was the alleged price hike of the D&D Beyond service to $30 a month. This story initially broke from multiple outlets alleging the source was a leak from within the company. Memes and ridicule about the service costing 30$ per month had begun gaining traction in the TTRPG community following the news. Some responses to the thread indicated a distrust about the denial, reflecting a mounting sentiment that both Wizards of the Coast and D&D Beyond have only walked statements back after leaks and a mass exodus from D&D Beyond forced their hand.

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The second rumor addressed in the thread pertained to the incorporation of AI DMs, artificial intelligence being a hot-button topic across many creative fields. “No one at Wizards is working on AI DMs,” D&D Beyond stated, adding, “we love our human DMs too much.” In addressing their DMs, the company included a link to their Discord page intended to connect players and DMs.

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“Homebrewing is core to D&D Beyond,” the thread concluded by tackling speculation that homebrewing on or off D&D Beyond may incur charges from the company. Within its thread, D&D Beyond also provided a link to its feedback page, stating, “your feedback is central to D&D’s future.” However, D&D’s future is in question for many fans still up in arms about the Wizards of the Coasts’ OGL controversy.

D&D Beyond saw fit to address some rumors that have run rampant on the heels of Wizards of the Coasts’ ill-received apology to the community. Many fans took particular issue with the language used, calling out one statement about the company “winning” as much as fans as “childish” and “spiteful.”

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