October 17, 2021

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Dead Space Remake: All You Need To Know About it

Dead Space Remake Release Date

As soon as the announcement for a remake of Dead Space was revealed, one could not help but witness the extreme excitement that people have for the film. It is obvious that no sound can be heard in space but it is also a fact that various happy screams were heard during the happy news. Dead Space is surely going to be built in accordance with the newest consoles and will be made appropriate for our generation of players. Also, you guys should keep in mind that the game will come back as fresh as possible in the form of a Frostbite game engine.

Also, you all will notice a very high immersion rate in the new technology. On the other hand, if we talk about the genre, it will surely excel in the horror parts. The creators have also listed some new improvements to the 2008 original work. EA has been vocal about all the queries that fans had about the new Dead Space remake. They have discussed the story which will be inserted in the game and said it will all be improved thoroughly. Although, there is a lot of time before we actually get to have the feel of this new game.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Dead Space

New Details 

Phillippe Ducharme came on record to talk about the Dead Space Remake. He said that the initial version made a huge impact on the theme of survival games with a hint of horror when it came out almost 12 years ago. Thus, Phillippe said that he came up with the motive as a fan first to specifically work on this whole game. Phillippe happens to be the senior producer of the Dead Space franchise. As per his interview, the best thing that Ducharme is excited about is the newly added effects that can be delivered by Dead Space.

The team is pretty passionate about the power of the next-gen consoles and everything that they can work on this time with the renewed game. He says that they have enlisted a very passionate team at Motive. They all are working together in unison in order to deliver this Dead Space remake as a love letter to the franchise. According to him, getting to work on the original version and having an opportunity to do the same on the next-gen consoles is what has got everyone excited in the team. Now, if you are someone who is very excited about the whole Dead Space remake and would want to know more about it, then here we have wrapped up all the details you need to know.

Dead Space Remake Release Date

Phillippe talked about a lot of newly added details to the game but when it was time to revealed the release date, he kept mum about it. This is why we have decided to predict a date for you guys based on the given hints. Dead Space remake release date can be expected sometime in 2023. Although, this is just speculation right now and nothing is confirmed about it. During the EA Play Live Event, EA announced the game without a specific release date. It took place on the 22nd of June 2021.

From this fact, we can understand that the game might still be under the process of development which might take time to finish. Given the fact that the software is still in the early stages and would need at least 2 years to finish, we might guess the Dead Space remake to release in 2023. There can be further delays too depending upon the situation. We have seen that the series has been on a hiatus since 2003 where Visceral Games have been disbanded. They happen to be the original developers of Dead Space thus, there might be some legal issues too that the remakes might need to tackle.

Well, if you are wondering about where this new game will be released, then we have got you covered. Talks have it, Dead Space Remake will be available to play on Play Station 5 as well as the Xbox series X and Xbox Series S too. The game will also be available on the Personal Computer. As of right now, it is being developed by the Motive Studio.

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