Dead Space Remake Special Editions and Preorder Bonuses

The dead space remake

Dead Space remake is releasing on modern gaming consoles, and there are several different versions with varying bonuses and price points.

Many gamers have been looking forward to the new remake of the classic sci-fi game Dead Space, a title that has gone on to influence the video game industry greatly. While it’s a definite buy for some, gamers should know that there isn’t just one version available for purchase. From a few cosmetic additions to massive swag, the differences (especially in pricing) are staggering.

Almost all the extra elements in some editions are available across hardware, though only one venue gives players any pre-order bonuses. Likewise, the most expensive way to buy Dead Space Remake costs around half of an actual console, but the rewards for fans of the franchise are many. Here’s a breakdown of what comes in each version, as well as how much gamers will have to pay for them.

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What Comes in Each Version of Dead Space Remake

The standard edition of Dead Space Remake comes at around $70 (about $10 less on PC and for digital versions), and it simply comes with the game itself. Given how classic the original game is and how many new hours of terror players can look forward to, this may very well be enough for them. At $10 more (both physical and digital), the Deluxe Edition of the game includes the base game and five different suits (three RIG suits and two suit skins). One of these different looks is an “Infected” look, making protagonist Isaac look like he’s been taken over by the Necromorphs.

Other costumes include the Venture and Lone Survivor suits, which provide either a clean appearance or one grizzled by battle. In past entries in the Dead Space series, such suits changed players’ stats and other features. This is likely the case with these skins, so the small hike in price might not be too much to keep hardcore fans from buying the Deluxe version. Gamers who are subscribed to EA Play Pro can get an exclusive version of the Deluxe Edition that adds another costume.

Easily the most expensive version of the game is Dead Space: Collector’s Edition. This variant comes with far more than just the game, with a physical/digital copy of the Deluxe Edition being only the tip of the iceberg. It also includes a collector’s box, a foil-stamped lithograph folio, four mini-posters, a USG Ishimura patch, a Marker enamel pin, a 4″ Marker statuette (made from metal, no less), a Dead Space SteelBook, a copy of the Dead Space Soundtrack CD, and most notably, a full-sized wearable replica of Isaac’s helmet that also emits lights. It’s definitely an enticing offer for Dead Space lovers, but one that comes at a steep price. Costing $274.99, this edition is likely for the most dedicated fans only.

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Dead Space Remake’s Preorder Bonuses

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Pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition of Dead Space Remake have been closed, with the version now available only on a first-come basis through retailers. In terms of pre-order bonuses, these are only available through Steam. Gamers who purchase the game before its Jan. 27 release date receive a digital copy of Dead Space 2 for free, allowing players to jump right into where the story continues. Given how close it is, gamers who want this bonus had better hurry.

Out of these different versions, the Deluxe Edition is across the board the best bet. At only $10 more than the standard asking price, it comes with extra elements that further add to the anticipated remake. Conversely, while the Collector’s Edition might come with quite a bit, its price tag is probably far too high for those simply wanting to enjoy the game. Thus, sticking closer to the normal price range will ultimately be enough to experience the classic game for the first time all over again. Available for the PlayStation 5, PC, and the Xbox Series X|S consoles, the ultimate sci-fi fright is here to scare again.


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