Deleted WandaVision Footage Reveals an Intense Wanda/Agatha Fight Scene


Footage from WandaVision shows a deleted fight between Agatha Harkness and Scarlet Witch during the finale of the MCU show.

Footage from WandaVision sees Agatha Harkness engaged in a climactic battle with Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch that was never used for the Disney+ series.

Shared on Twitter, the footage — courtesy of Agatha actor Kathryn Hahn’s stunt double — begins with an explosion that launches Agatha back, only for her to stop herself with magic. Agatha then looks at the camera and snarls as her eyes flash purple. From there, viewers are treated to how this planned fight would have gone, with Agatha being more agile in combat thanks to the wirework from the stunt team. This isn’t the only bit of an unused element from WandaVision that was tied to Agatha, as series director Matt Shakman had previously revealed that there was a deleted scene from the finale involving the truth about Agatha’s pet rabbit, Señor Scratchy.

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The Future of Agatha Harkness

Of course, WandaVision isn’t the last Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will hear of evil Agatha, as the character will soon headline her own spinoff titled Agatha: Coven of Chaos. The actor discussed why she liked playing Agatha and wanted to continue her story, saying, “There is something that does feel so badass to be playing like, you know, we think of a witch, and you think of, immediately, you think of a woman who is loud, who is mysterious, who is dangerous because she’s complicated and she’s misunderstood. And all that stuff is a real turn-on to me as a performer in terms of digging into this person a little bit more. [I’m] very excited.”

As of now, plot details for Coven of Chaos are currently under wraps, though the series will supposedly return to Westview and have a new coven of witches free Agatha from Scarlet Witch’s spell that kept her there. However, it is known that outside of that series, Hahn will reprise the role of Agatha for other MCU shows and movies, though what those projects are hasn’t been revealed yet.

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Coven of Chaos isn’t the only upcoming spinoff from WandaVision, as it was confirmed last year that Vision will also star in his own series called Vision Quest, which will see the android Avenger “trying to regain his memory and humanity.” No other aspects of Vision Quest‘s plot have been shared, aside from Scarlet Witch possibly popping up on it.

WandaVision is streaming on Disney+.

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