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Demons And Gods Chapter 361: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 reveals the aftermath of the Dao Realm War near the Deity Lake. The Dao Realm War has ended with Nie Lie and his crew dominating the red dragon and obtaining the Deity Lake. After the battle, Nie Li and Long Yuyin relax in the evening, and Nie Li notices that Yuyin is feeling back pain. Yuyin was shy, noticing the way Nie Li treated her. He took three needles and noticed that Yuyin was blushing. In the recent chapter of Tales Of Demons And Gods, Nie Li noticed that Yuyin is taking many clothes off and told her that it is enough.

He realizes that he only needs to see the place hurting but not her whole body. Yuyin pulled her long pink hair up and got ready. Niel Li asked her if she was ready, and she told him that he could start  He told her that she would feel a little pain, but she must remain still. Yuyin wonders why it has to hurt and reminds him that she possesses the Blood Dragon Bloodline and that would be nothing since a weapon can hardly make her feel pain.

Nie Li is glad to hear that since he felt pity for her and thought she would delay him. He took those three healing needles and pierced her back with a single handle technique. The healing fluid ruins within her flash, and she realizes that she never thought she would feel in that manner. Nie Li looked at her and wondered if she felt pain since she raised her chest when he pierced her. He tells her not to move, and she reveals her blood, her mysterious powers, and Nie Li smiles.

Previously on Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 360

Nie Li realizes that Yuyin is acting bold and reminds her that he only put the first needle and two more remain. Yuyin pretends she didn’t hear him and holds herself together when he pierced her with the second needle. She begins to sweat, and Nie Li tells her that he had healed all the important places and the meridians with the Golden Needle. He reminds her about her Blood Dragon Lineage that should awake soon and rush into her meridians.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361
Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361

Yuyin agrees, and Nie Li realizes that she would concentrate on cultivating. He finished helping her and decided to leave since he felt tired. When he left, he shut the door and bumped into another guy who almost scared him since he didn’t expect anyone. Nie Li asks the guy what technique he uses since he didn’t even notice that there is someone in front of him. He wonders what is happening and that someone in the outside world would have killed that guy. The guy talks about Ninger, and that Nie Li is not worthy of her since he was doing such things.

Nie Li realizes that the guy feels sad for Ninger and wonders if Long Yuyin is involved in that matter. The guy reminds him that he knows better and leaves without telling him what is happening. Nie Li keeps on wondering why that guy was sad and wondered how Ninger was doing. He realizes that Ninger could be his wife in his previous life and believes he misunderstood his relationship with Long Yuyin. He knows that he was helping Long Yuyin, and nothing else happened between them.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 Release Date

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 will be released on 7 January 2022. Nie Li wonders if Xiao Yu would care about relationships. He tries to think if Xiao Yu and Long Yuyin know each other, and if that is the truth, it would be him, not Long Yuyin. He heads to meet with Long Yuyin after an hour of thinking, and when he opens the door, no one gives him a reply. Let’s look at Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 official details.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361
Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361

Read Tales Of Demons-And-Gods Chapter 361 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 on tales of demons And Gods. Nie Li believes that Long Yuyin’s awakening is complete, and the aura that he feels means that Long Yuyin is 5-Fate. He also thought about her future cultivation, and he called out her name since he had things to settle with her. Let’s meet when Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 361 is released.

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