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Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 reveals petrifying powers and Pigeon Blood boiling within Akeboshi’s body. The enemy believes that Akeboshi is exhausted and will fail to employ any techniques since his guild force is weak. Akeboshi powers up and realizes that the enemy is Ruby. He uses Burst of Burning Light against Ruby. Ruby realizes that the attack almost knocked him out and wonders if it was a cannon. Diamond In The Rough’s latest chapter reveals Ruby vs. Akeboshi. Ruby uses Stibnite against Akaboshi, but nothing happens. Akeboshi unleashes Black Blade Tsunami.

Ruby gets confused, wondering if Akeboshi would come from the right or left. But Akeboshi appears from the center, and Rubby wields his weapon, getting ready to face Akeboshi. They met in the middle and began to land massive strikes. The weapons release flashes of lightning, and when they block each other’s attacks, they get separated. Akeboshi decided to ask something before he smashed Ruby. He asks him about Kai, who was turned into a stone, believing that Ruby is behind that. Ruby replies that he has a different goal.

Akeboshi wonders what Ruby’s goal is, and if he wants Red Diamonds, he shouldn’t have petrified Kai’s entire body. Ruby believes that Kai is talented, and he can’t stop turning Kai into a stone. Akeboshi thinks that Ruby has done evil things and wonders what talent he saw in Kai. Ruby reveals that he couldn’t stop seeing a helpless boy turned into a stone and decided not to waste that opportunity. He also reveals about the gemstone that they will chop off. Ruby wields his blades and tries to feel it is not rusted. The chapter title is “Chipped Blade.”

Previously on Diamond In The Rough Chapter 19

Ruby realizes that his blade is still okay and talks about the idiots who transformed into gemstone for selfish reasons. He realizes that other punks transform into stone to escape the ones who after their gems. But another guy sells those who turned them into stones for money. But Kai was different since he accepted everything and the red diamond adapted to him. Ruby believes that Kai is the chosen one, and no one would let Kai go if they captured him since he is not an ordinary boy.

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20
Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20

Akeboshi is surprised when Ruby talks about the diamond in the round and wonders what that is. Ruby reveals a news technique and flies toward Akeboshi, who realizes that talking time is over. Akeboshi vows to punish Ruby for what he has done to Kai. He knows that Kai is kindhearted, and he doesn’t deserve to be turned into a stone. Ruby reveals that Kai is different since he can artificially create things. He shows Akeboshi a new technique that almost pierces Akebosi, who jumps before the attack hits him. He notices that the tip of Ruby’s spear has grown.

Akeboshi reminds Ruby that he hated gemstones because of the experiment, and Ruby admits that he still hates them. Ruby reveals that the beauty of gemstone making attracted and realizes that they can help him. He knows that if everyone turns into a gemstone, there will be peace and true happiness in the world. Akeboshi survived the barrages of spear attacks. He couldn’t believe that Ruby’s gaol was that. Ruby reveals that humans’ fight begins with discrimination, and he can end that by bringing happiness after turning anyone into gemstones. He told about the people who think that they are better than others.

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 Release Date

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 will be released on 18 January 2022. Ruby feels hurt since those above the others never thought of lifting them above. Akaboshi realizes that Ruby’s rage increases his powers when he fights. Ruby begins to dominate Akeboshi and wonders why those above are always kicking the ones below them. Let’s look at Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 official details.

Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20
Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20

Watch Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 online on Manga Shueishas‘ official website. Ruby thinks that the conflict between humans is a danger that one of the beasts. But everything would make nd when he turns them into a stone. Akeboshi admits that he used to think like that and nothing will change if there is no progress in the world and vows to stop Ruby. Ruby uses Heavenly Fire Blast, but he is caught off guard. Let’s meet when Diamond In The Rough Chapter 20 is released.

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