Discotek Releases HD Remaster of Iria OVA, A Wind Named Amnesia Film – News

Discotek Releases HD Remaster of Iria OVA, A Wind Named Amnesia Film - News

Both anime get 2K remasters from original negatives, slated for 2023 BD release

Discotek Media announced on Monday that it will release 2K high definition remasters of the Iria – Zeiram the Animation OVA and A Wind Named Amnesia anime film. Both are new 2K film scans from the original negatives, and are the first Blu-ray Disc releases for both anime anywhere in the world. Both will release in 2023.

Iria – Zeiram the Animation debuted in 1994, and Media Blasters had previously licensed and released it in 2004. Discotek previously released the anime on DVD in 2016, and the release included the anime’s dub. Discotek‘s new Blu-ray Disc release will also include the dub.

The anime is a sci-fi story about the rookie bounty hunter Iria, and her brother Glen, who must stop an alien menace. It is based on, and is a prequel to the 1991 Zeiram live-action movie.

The A Wind Named Amnesia film originally debuted in Japan in 1990, and Central Park Media previously released the film on VHS and DVD in North America. Discotek released the anime on DVD in 2016. Discotek‘s new Blu-ray Disc release will include the original Manga U.K./Central Park Media dub.

Kazuo Yamazaki (Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura, City Hunter: The Motion Picture) directed and wrote the screenplay for A Wind Named Amnesia at Madhouse. Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and Kenji Kurata also collaborated on the screenplay. The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where an unexplained wind caused all of humanity to lose their memories.

Discotek found the trailer seen above in a vault alongside the film. The trailer contained no audio, and Discotek made a replacement soundtrack for the trailer. Discotek was unable to find a video copy, and speculated that the trailer may have been abandoned after the film’s release.

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